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Rottler Manufacturing H70 Series Vertical Honing ­Machine

Rottler H75A_webRottler Manufacturing’s H70 Series Vertical Honing ­Machines are built for today’s modern engine builder and feature:

  • Windows Touch Screen Operating System;
  • Internet Support & Connectivity;
  • Automated hole-to-hole unattended operation, ­offering 50-70% labor savings;
  • CNC Touch Screen Control – easy ­programming for ­automated operation;
  • Automated Load/Force Control for perfect surface finish and geometry;
  • Automatic Lower Crash ­Protection helps prevent costly damage when castings vary; and,
  • Rottler’s Two-Stage Honing System ­provides rough/finish or finish/plateau honing in one automatic cycle.

The H75A is designed for jobber, performance and production shops. With its increased torque at the hone head and increased spindle motor torque, as well as a larger 28˝ stroke length, the H76A can hone cylinders up to 11.98˝ across and 25˝ deep, for even the largest diesel cylinders.

Look for your 32-page Rottler equipment guide which will be included with the February issue of Engine Builder!

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