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Shawn Fink’s Twin-Turbo 526 cid Hemi Engine

Originally an engine that Jeg Coughlin used in 2005 for his Pro Mod program, this 526 cid Hemi engine was built by Sonny’s Racing Engines and now has a home in Shawn Fink’s 1955 Chevy 210 Belair. With twin 94mm turbos, this high-horsepower Hemi-style engine competes in drag-and-drive events. Check it out!

Twin 94mm Turbo 526 Hemi Engine

Walking the pits of Sick Week, Shawn Fink’s orange, 1955 Chevy stood out – especially with its twin-turbo 526 Sonny Leonard Hemi engine. Shawn ran us through the setup after running a 6-second pass!

Naturally Aspirated 709 cid All-Billet Hemi Engine

James “Doc” McEntire’s 1968 Chevy Camaro nicknamed “See Red” features a 709 cubic inch all-billet Hemi engine built by Goodwin Competition, which competes in the naturally aspirated class of drag-and-drive events across the country. It’s a naturally aspirated car in a power adder world, but that’s not stopping Doc from his winning ways. Check out this awesome engine!

James McEntire’s NA 709 cid Hemi Engine

We caught up with James McEntire during our time at Sick Week to learn more about his “See Red” Camaro and it’s Naturally Aspirated 709 cid Hemi engine built by Goodwin Competition.

Twin-Turbo 496 Big Block Chevy Milk Truck

When’s the last time you saw a milk truck driving around? Regardless, you’ve likely never seen a 10-second milk truck like Mark Cryer’s patina’d 1963 Divco with a twin-turbo 496 big block Chevy engine in it! Check it out!

’63 Milk Truck with a 496 Big Block Chevy

It’s rare you see a milk truck in any capacity today, let alone a patina’d 1963 Divco capable of 10-second passes at a drag strip. Mark Cryer and his team revamped a 1963 Divco milk truck, popped in a twin-turbo 496 big block Chevy engine, and have been leaving people amazed ever since. Check out

Blown 598 Big Block Chevy Engine

Royce Payton’s 1965 GT350 Mustang is one of those cars that actually looks as good as it sounds and sounds as good as it looks. That’s in large part thanks to its blown 598 big block Chevy engine. Check it out!

Passion Runs Deep

Having had the distinct opportunity to view this industry from my chair as editor of Engine Builder has certainly opened my eyes to a lot of great things this industry has going for it. However, my favorite thing about it – hands down – is the passion. Whether it’s passion for covering the industry (as

’65 Mustang with a Blown 598 Big Block Chevy Engine

During day 1 of Sick Week 2022, we saw Royce Payton’s 1965 Mustang with a blown 598 big block Chevy engine dominating the front half of the car. It looked amazing, sounded even better, and ran like hell, so we got the scoop for an Engine of the Week.

One-on-One with Tom Bailey

During this first-ever Sick Week, Engine Builder was fortunate to grab some time with the event founder and promoter Tom Bailey to discuss the week in Florida and his thoughts on the exploding drag-and-drive community.

Tom Bailey
Sick Week 2022: The Hardest Vacation You’ll Ever Take

The first ever ‘Sick Week’ was a phenomenal event, with enthusiasts and pros from all over the country coming together to show off their rides and burn some rubber!

Sick Week
Cadillac CTS-V 427 Dart SHP Engine

We caught up with Felicia Smith during Sick Week to hear more about her 2009 Cadillac CTS-V and its 427 engine, which is 1 of 5 Cadillacs in the world to run 8s on a stock LSA blower. She plans to keep pushing its performance and it’s our Engine of the Week!