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Blown 414 cid Small Block Chevy Engine

Jeremy Bonnett is no stranger to the drag-and-drive scene. He's been at it for a number of years. Those familiar will surely recognize his 1929 Pontiac featuring a blown 414 cubic inch small block Chevy. Check it out in our newest Engine of the Week!

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During Sick Week’s short stop at Orlando Speedworld, we got the chance to check out Jeremy Bonnett’s 1929 Pontiac ratrod, which features a blown 414 cubic inch small block Chevy engine. Before the rain arrived in Orlando that day, we chatted with Jeremy about his engine setup and his goals for the 2022 drag-and-drive event.

“The car is a 1929 Pontiac,” Bonnett told us. “It’s got a 400 cubic inch Dart small block with a 3.875˝ stroke, so it’s actually a 414 cubic inch engine. It’s got AFR heads. This is our street engine, so it’s a pretty basic hydraulic roller set up. It’s got a TH400 trans and a 6-71 blower. It’s kind of a basic engine with a blower on it. It’s been 8.90s at 153 mph. It makes around 800 horsepower.”

Aside from the Dart block and the AFR heads, the engine also features a steel crank and rods with 9:1 compression pistons. Chris Straub cut the camshaft and Jeremy said he’s using Morel hydraulic lifters.

“There’s no stud girdles or anything special,” Bonnett says. “It’s got COMP gold rockers in it. We only turn it 7,200 rpm. We just use the boost to our advantage.”

On top of the 6-71 blower are two Quick Fuel carburetors as well as a little bit of nitrous to keep things cool.

“We put a 70-shot of nitrous on it for some events just to cool the charge,” he says. “That’s where it’s been 8.90s is on the spray. The best we’ve been is 9.02 without it. We’re hoping this week with this air, we want to go an 8.90 without the spray. We’re hoping for good, clean passes all week.”

Jeremy mentioned to us that Medina Mountain Motors in Creston, OH did all his machine work on the engine build and always delivers quality work. He also mentioned both 501 Perfect Converters and 330 Wheels helped contribute to his ratrod project and his drag-and-drive endeavors.

Outside of the engine, trans and converter, the car also features two weight bars, one in the front and one in the rear, which are held on by old Pro Mod connecting rods. Jeremy utilized an old fence post and put caps on the ends to be able to fill them for No Prep events or Woodward races. This was a cool, custom touch to an already cool-looking ratrod with a badass engine.

Jeremy competed at Sick Week in the Pro Dial Your Own (DYO) class, where he ran 9.125 @ 146.05 mph, 9.284 @ 143.20 mph, 9.238 @ 143.49 mph, and 9.187 @ 142.45 mph for an average of 9.209 @ 143.80 mph. Ultimately, Jeremy didn’t get that 8.90 he was after, but he recorded some respectable ETs, and certainly enjoyed his adventure across Florida.

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