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Choosing a Valve Spring Compressor

In this Goodson Tech Lab Tuesday video, Davy Monyhan talks about and demonstrates the larger valve spring compressors in the Goodson line. He talks about both manual and pneumatic units.

Goodson compressors
What to Consider for Valvetrain Selection

Valvetrain components all work in conjunction to allow air or the air/fuel mixture in and exhaust gases out of the engine, and the selection process for the proper parts can be complex.

Valve Lifter Basics and Beyond

Valve lifters play a key role in the valvetrain of pushrod engines. They go all the way back to the earliest days of the internal combustion engine. The earliest engines did not have pushrods or rocker arms. They were a “flathead” design with the valves in the block. The lifters (also called “tappets” because of the clattering noise they produced) rode on the cam lobes in the block and actuated the valves directly.

Toyota Oversize Valve Lifter Modification

John Edwards at Costa Mesa R&D is building a Toyota 2JGE engine for a land speed attempt. The client purchased one-piece lifters and a couple of them were slightly oversize by about .0015˝, so they had to micropolish them so that they would fit in the lifter bore. Watch as Edwards uses a simple shop-built