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3 Engines for Sale – LS3 and Two Small Block Chevys

John Nijssen of Stroker Engine Exports is selling three performance V8 engine builds.

John Nijssen, owner of Stroker Engine Exports, located in California, is retiring after 40 years of engine building, and has three performance V8 engines ready to sell – an LS3, a 434 cid small block Chevy and a 420 cid twin-turbo small block Chevy. Any interested parties can contact John at his cell number: (760) 508-4562. Additional engine details are below.

434 cid Small Block Chevy – 540 hp and 570 Tq

This small block Chevy engine build features a Dart SHP block with a 9.025″ deck, ProMaxx Project X 215cc cylinder heads, Fel-Pro head gaskets, a COMP Cams 224/224 @ .050″ duration camshaft, Dura-Bond HD cam bearings, COMP Cams hydraulic roller lifters, 7.250″ Trickflow pushrods, COMP Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers, a forged steel 4.000″ stroke crankshaft, 6.000″ rods, forged Icon pistons, a harmonic balancer, TCI flexplate, Summit timing gear set, Billet Specialties Diecast aluminum valve covers, a Melling high-volume oil pump, a Moroso oil pan and pickup, a First TPI Manifold with fuel rails and throttlebody, a Holley Dominator EFI system, Holley Dual-Sync distributors, MSD ignition box, and NGK spark plugs.

small block Chevy engine

The engine has been balanced and fully machined. Asking $21,360. Additional details can be disclosed by John.

420 cid Twin-Turbo Small Block Chevy

This Chevy build features a Banks turbo kit that makes this engine 1,000 hp capable on race fuel and 15 psi. The engine also has an ATI 4L85E transmission. Asking $20,000. Additional details can be disclosed by John.

twin-turbo small block Chevy engine


Lastly, John is selling an LS3 engine for $11,350. Additional details can be disclosed by John.

Interested parties can contact John by either visiting Stroker Engine Exports, or calling (760) 508-4562.

LS3 engine

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