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A New Year, A Fresh Start

Hey Engine Builder readers. I hope your 2024 is off to a nice start. What I love about the beginning of a new year is that everything is in front of you. There’s lots to look forward to. Although we’ve worked hard in the months prior to set editorial calendars, make plans for various pieces of content and videos, schedule races and events we want to be at, and much more, there’s always time to rework and revamp those best laid plans as the year unfolds.

Looking back at 2023, we got the opportunity to do more than we’ve ever done in the name of content, and 2024 will push the needle even a bit further. We’ll once again be offering our Intellectual Horsepower series, Mild vs. Wild series, Engine of the Week, Diesel of the Week, and one of my favorites, Shop Takeovers.

In addition to our regular print, website and enewsletter content that is at the core of what we do day-in and day-out, getting the opportunities to travel and meet with different industry folks on both the manufacturer side and the engine builder side has continued to be a great part of my job. Each of the aforementioned video series get us out of our headquarters here in Akron, OH and lets us see what’s going on in different cities and areas of the country.

Last year, we got to spend some time in several parts of North Carolina and South Carolina visiting shops. We spent a week in Houston for a conference and more shop visits. We had a “Sick Week” in Florida that’s always an adventure. We had a few days in Tennessee to visit with both gas and diesel engine shops. And, of course, we spent time in various parts of Indiana and in downtown Indianapolis.

This year, I’m hoping to add to that with potential trips to Michigan, Texas and possibly California. Of course, you’ll be seeing us at events such as Sick Week, Midwest Drags, LS Fest, Ultimate Callout Challenge, an NHRA weekend or two, Scheid’s Diesel Extravaganza, and hopefully more. Aside from the opportunity to check out these events and see the competitors who come to race, these trips also get me into local shops and businesses, which is who, and what, I really enjoy seeing.

If you have an event, a race, a shop or a business that you think is worth having us come check out, please do let us know. We’ll make the effort to include it in our plans, if not this year, in years to come for sure.

But, before I get too far ahead of myself, It’s still just January/February, so enjoy our first issue of the year featuring LS engine and cylinder head content.

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