ARMEX, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
Got Grease! Baking Soda Cuts Grease… and Time

Cleaning is being done every day and is an integral part of many businesses and their processes. One of the most commonly asked questions about using sodium bicarbonate (a.k.a. baking soda) as a blasting abrasive is simply: How does it work? Let’s start with: What is abrasive blasting? Abrasive blasting uses either pressurized air or

Improve your Turbocharger Cleaning Process with Soda Blasting

It’s been more than 100 years since the idea for a turbocharged engine was developed. Originally their use had been limited to very large diesel engines and while there have been additional innovations for use in automobiles, it was not always the most popular power adder. The boost was powerful but the cost was too

Sodium Bicarbonate – A User-Friendly Blasting Abrasive

Sodium bicarbonate blasting or soda blasting, is a user-friendly process for the removal of grease, oil, burnt carbon and many other contaminates experienced in engine building. There are many different processes for cleaning parts and components before engines can be rebuilt, however they are not all equal.