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Blast From the Past: Learning to Race Pro Stock

My transition in 1975 from bracket racing a 122˝ wheelbase mid-eleven second, two-ton ’57 Mercury to racing in a low nine-second 99˝ wheelbase, Pinto Pro Stock car, was quite a jump. I was jaded with bracket racing and wanted to run heads up – all out with a door car. So, Pro Stock was it.

Learning From Broken Parts

In 1973, I was a sportsman drag racer. My car was the two-ton orange ’57 Mercury named, “The Big Animal.” The transplant engine was a pure stock Ford 427 FE 8V low riser I called “Old Reliable,” shifted by a top loader four-speed with a Hurst Competition Plus shifter. In August of that year, I

HPBG: Burnt Aluminum and Motor Oil

It’s a late-August Sunday in 1988 and I am staging up my Outlaw Pro Stocker for the final at the World Series of Drag Racing at Cordova, IL. I am driving my legendary ’79 Mercury Zephyr (Zeke) powered by the NOS assisted 1,600 hp “Monolith,” a 672-inch Kaase Boss Hemi Ford engine.   I need