David Vizard, Author at Engine Builder Magazine
What You Need To Know About SBC Port Volumes

A 4-cycle engine is far from being a simple air pump. The principle reason turning apparent simplicity into real world complexity is the dynamic ‘stop – start’ nature of the flow through the engine and the fact that air is very much heavier than is often supposed. Rapidly changing rates of pressure and suction bring

Busted Valve Lash Myth

All too often the effect of valve lash on power output is considered very much a secondary factor and a small one at that. This may be so but the ramps open the valves relatively slowly and during that period the flow, into and out of the cylinder, is little more than a nuisance leak

Stroker Strategies for Higher Horsepower

Such strategies are already very popular with those building small block and big block Chevys as well as small block Fords. In the main, it is a cost effective way to deliver what most customers deem as power – that is more low speed torque. Generating extra cubes via a stroker crank is a good

Critical Cam Event Criteria

If you want to build a performance street motor built on a moderate budget, part of the deal is that it’s up to you to select the cam for the job. Without spending forever researching it, and nearly as long installing and timing it, what cam will be the best for the job? Here are

Vizard’s View: Avoiding Flat Tappet Cam And Lifter Failure

There is nothing worse than building a cost effective engine for a customer, shipping it, and then having it come back a short while later with the installed flat tappet cam wiped out. Even if the cam and valve train was warranted by the cam manufacture, you, as the engine builder, will bear the brunt

Sonic Testers: A Surefire Method Of Detecting Metal Treasure

Most of you have probably seen those TV commercials for metal detectors and the subtle suggestions that they could help you find a fortune in buried treasure. Maybe

Preserving Performance – Helping Engines Keep Their Edge

Preserving performance should be a factor foremost in the mind of any performance engine shop. Taking steps to preserve performance not only preserves or enhances your reputation but it also has the same effect on your bank balance. When a high performance engine starts to lose its edge it can almost always be traced back

The Wonder Spring

Suspense might be fine if you are Alfred Hitchcock but I really don

Mclaren Heads

McLaren, like Cosworth and Ferrari, is a name that for both pro engine builders and race enthusiasts alike is synonymous with high tech performance. Although long a separate entity of McLaren International, one of the most successful teams in the history of Formula One, McLaren Performance Technologies was originally the engine development division of Bruce

Critical Cam Event Criteria

I just know someone is going to ask what qualifies me to write on this subject so let

Surfacing Equipment Can Increase Horsepower

If your shop is in the business of selling performance, especially to street and/or moderately budget-constrained clientele, then some of the best free advertising you can get is by word of mouth from satisfied customers. Often this can be no further away than taking advantage of a few simple machining operations and explaining to your