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GM DURAMAX V8 Diesel – The Next Small Block Chevy for the Diesel Hot Rodder?

If you look back into automotive history, hot rodding and performance upgrades for power are rooted in such V8 classics as the flathead Ford and small block Chevy. But when you look on the diesel side of history, most big torque power plants utilized the inline 6-cylinder configuration since near-perfect piston to rod angles create

Diesel Racing Continues To Grow in 2016

It was a busy year for all of us at DIESEL Motorsports and for supporters and fans of our association. We hosted eight regional events along with 50-plus affiliate events across the United States during 2016. Starting in Nebraska in April and ending in Missouri in October, DIESEL Motorsports held diesel drag racing, sled pulling,

GM Duramax V8 Diesel

When GM introduced its first V8-based diesel power plant in the ’80s, the results were less than stellar since they essentially took an existing small-block gasoline design and modified it to run on diesel. It wasn’t until the early ’90s when GM bought into Japanese commercial vehicle giant Isuzu, that they got the technology to develop a truly modern V8 diesel.

Performance Diesel Upgrades

Why should you offer more when rebuilding a diesel engine? Because any shop can rebuild the OEM block or buy a direct replacement. However, rebuilding a diesel engine with slight power modifications will get you more customers and offer you higher profits because of the modifications made that not everyone can do or has the knowledge to do.

Diesel Motorsports Grow in Popularity

DIESEL Motorsports began 13 years ago in Muncie, IN, where the first “diesel only” event was put together by a local TDR Club and two promoters. Organizers held the event because the drag strips at that time would not let diesel trucks run on their tracks. In fact, they still do not have diesel classes

Performance Diesel: The New Hot Rods

With all of the bolt-on diesel components that are available on the market these days, why would you get into offering performance engine rebuilds for the diesel market? I’m sure you are asking yourself this question every time you get a call from someone with a diesel engine asking how they can get more power. But believe

Ready for a Diesel Resurgence?

Diesel engine building will soon see an increase in numbers – very soon!   Why do I say that?   In an effort to eliminate smoking engines and reduce emissions, the EPA came down hard on tuner manufacturers just a few months ago, issuing warning/cease notices on diesel particulate filters (DPF) and EGR delete tunes/kits.

Diesel Motorsports: Pulling in Profits or Just Blowing Smoke?

Let’s take a look at the diesel market’s history. A dozen years ago, when the first organized event was held for diesel pickups in Muncie, IN, there were a couple of hundred trucks. And most of  were lucky to hit 500 to 600 horsepower. Fast-forward to today and you will find close to 40 diesel-only