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How Quick Can You Rebuild an Engine?

One of the top high school engine rebuilding teams takes part in an engine rebuilding challenge. They do it in 16 minutes, which is certainly fast, but not record speed. EOC’s Tech team from Choctaw, Oklahoma owns the record with tear down and rebuild in 18 minutes.

Adding Horsepower to a Ford 461ci Windsor V8

Engine specialists Dandy Engines build a small block Windsor 461ci stroker for Pat Staplton. Follow the engine assembly as the guys aim to make more than 820hp naturally aspirated on regular pump unleaded. Pat plans on putting this brute of an engine into a Ford Falcon XD/XF Ute.

Installing EFI System into a Lucas Oil Modified

Dave Arce has successfully installed the FIRA FAST EFI system onto his Lucas Oil Modified. The system is to be tested at the first two races and then implemented into the series.

Ridge Ream Removable on a Small Block Chevy

How to remove ridge for installation of new piston rings on a Small Block Chevy.

King Race Bearings U-Groove

In racing main bearings, the groove’s shape and size perform a vital role. The groove should be wide enough to allow sufficient oil flow, but narrow enough to maximize the working surface. In today’s race engines, contrary to popular belief, there is significant load on the upper main bearing shells. The extra load is a

Building a 5.9L Cummins Engine

Building a 5.9L Cummins diesel with Mahle Clevite parts and PolyDyn Performance Coatings.

2015 Ford Mustang Build Dry Run Timelapse

When you only have five hours to assemble a 2015 Ford Mustang convertible at the Empire State Building, 1,000 feet above Manhattan, practice makes perfect. Watch the crew from DST Industries do it in 35 seconds. As the world honors 50 years of Ford Mustang, what better way to celebrate one of the most iconic

Best of Italy 2014

The Best Italy show starts April 12, 2014 and runs through April 27, 2014 at the Simeone Automotive Museum. Come and see the best Italy has to offer. From daily drivers to super cars.

Rottler Manufacturing F79A

See the capabilities of this quality machine from Rottler Manufacturing. For more information visit

6.7L Powerstroke Ford Breakdown and Inspection

We take a apart a 6.7L PowerStroke Ford Diesel engine that was removed from a running truck with a skip in it.

Repairing a Cracked Cylinder Head in a 324 Oldsmobile

This Oldsmobile 324 Rocket cylinder head has a crack, watch John Edwards as he repairs it at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine.

Installing Cylinder Heads on a Small Block Ford 302

This is one of the biggest steps in your 302 build. The cylinder head installation is a thorough process and there are steps you must take to ensure proper cylinder head alignment and torque specifications. Begin with a clean work space. Make sure all parts are clean and you remain organized. Make sure you have