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740 Horsepower Ford with LS1 COP

Custom Built Ford Engine for customer race car. 414 Cubic Inch. Using LS1 COP with BigStuff3 Engine Management system. Engine averaged 740 hp with back to back pulls.

Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster

Conley Precision Engines 1/4 Scale Top Fuel Dragster

Twin Turbo LSX427 Steady State on Engine Dyno

This short video shows a customers Twin Turbo charged LSX 427 being run on our engine dyno at steady state for testing. The turbo’s are 72mm. The engine is 4″ bore x 4.125 stroke using the LSX block.

The 1140 hp Heart of a Hypercar – Inside Koenigsegg

Christian Von Koenigsegg reveals the design and development of the custom built 1,140 hp V8 engine that powers the Agera R hypercar.

Bonneville Porsche 928 Record

This video shows Carl Fausett’s record-breaking land speed run in the Porsche 928. It combines in-car video, starting line, and a drive-by video that was being shot at the 3-mile mark. You can hear Carl testing the limits of available traction 3 times as he pushes into the throttle until the tires break, then modulates

BMW F1 turbo engine from the 1980s’

BMW uses old, weathered 1499 cc 4 cylinder engine blocks as the basis of their 1350 hp turbo era formula one engine.

World’s Fastest Car: Spirit of Rett World Record at Bonneville Salt Flats

Interview with Charlie Nearburg after he drove the Red Line sponsored Spirit of Rett streamlined racecar over 420mph and setting a new FIA world land speed record, becoming the fastest wheel driven single engine car in history. The Spirit of Rett is named after Charlie’s late son Rett Nearburg, and it runs a single Rehr-Morrison