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Today’s Oil Not the Same

A recent camshaft company Technical Bulletin said it best: “Today’s engine oil is just not the same as it used to be, thanks to the ever tightening environmental regulations.” The EPA, car manufacturers, and the American Petroleum Institute (API) have done a great job reducing emissions and extending the life of emissions control equipment. However,

Shop Solutions: March 2008

Debunking the 10 x 10 Crankshaft Myth for Customers We’ve heard a lot of customers say they need a .010? x .010? undersize grind crank  because “the vehicle will be towing a lot of weight” or “this guy drives his car/truck real hard” or “this boat runs at high rpms and I don’t want to

Shop Solutions: November 2007

Solution for Pre-mature Camshaft Failure on Big Block Chevy Engines ≈Big Block Chevrolet engines are well known for being subject to premature camshaft lobe wear and failure. Here are ways to help relieve this problem. When replacing a hydraulic camshaft, instead of using the OE type of lifter (p/n 817 or VL37) use p/n 2095

Engine Builder Shop Solutions, October 2007

Intake Manifold Cleaning Caution – Ford 4.6L VIN ‘W’ Engines (1991-’98) If piston failure occurs in this engine, it is possible for broken pieces of piston to end up in the intake plenum. This is due to the design of the engine, which has tuned runners with the plenum located below the runners. The piston

Ford 302/351 W Roller Cam

In 1994, Ford started using a roller cam in the 351W. It

General Motors / Chevy 191/3.1L

When this engine was used in the plastic mini-vans, it came with cast iron heads and the old, original, carbureted, non-H.O. cam. This cam was used because the reduced lift and overlap gave it a smoother idle. It

Software Solutions For The Shop: Job Tracking Programs and More

Although computers began to make their way into the automotive aftermarket in the early to mid-1970s, only recently are rebuilders beginning to realize the benefits of shop management software for their businesses. One example of how shop software improves shop productivity can be found with job tracking programs. Job tracking allows managers to see the