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Can Your Customers Find You Where They Are Searching?

My goal here is to provide you with some answers and insight about new and powerful ways to generate more business, both with new customers and repeat customers. In 2011, more mobile devices were shipped than laptops or desktop computers. You might even be seeing this trend yourself with your employees, family and customers. They

CNC Machining Advantages

Running a profitable machine shop these days requires a lot of things: skilled machinists who know what they are doing, accurate equipment that can perform all of the tasks that are required to machine cylinder heads and blocks, an efficient work environment that maximizes both shop labor and equipment usage to boost productivity, a commitment

Cashing In On The Cafe Racer, Vintage Bike Revival

The Rockers who rode on the racy-looking machines sculpted after grand prix motorcycles gained the nickname “cafe racers” because they were often seen parked outside a coffee shop and were considered wannabe racers. The name was originally intended to be an insult but later turned out to be a proud moniker. A right of passage

Understanding and Profiting From the Caterpillar C7

I believe society naturally directs the outcome of its environment: if someone manages a quality independent automotive repair shop, they will always be looking for ways to increase their education and specialty tools as technology changes. In order to take care of their customers when the warranty runs out and they no longer visit the

Hail to the Chiefs

With all of the talk of special interests, pork barrel spending and polarization, the political landscape across America seems hopelessly mired in rhetoric. But while it may be politics as usual in Washington, DC, on the airwaves and at both of the major party conventions, constituents of the Production Engine Remanufacturers Association (PERA) will celebrate

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: September 2012

Editor’s Note: This coming October will mark the 5thanniversary for the Shop Solutions column, and to help Engine Pro celebrate, we’re putting plans into place to have a “Top Five from the Past Five” contest where you get to choose your favorite Shop Solution from the past five years. Send your favorite Shop Solution to