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Machine Maintenance: The Flywheel Grinder – Getting To Know Your Shop Profit Pal

[email protected] In the last edition of “Machine Maintenance” I challenged you to tell me who introduced the first portable boring bar to the automotive aftermarket. I must admit that I was impressed by the number of responses I received. Here’s the answer: Rottler Manufacturing from Kent, WA.It seems that the founding father of Rottler was

AETC Review

The 17th Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) was held for the second year in a row at the Orlando Convention Center, Dec. 11-13, just days before the opening of PRI. While the weather wasn’t frightful, there wasn’t quite as much Florida sunshine as the previous year either, but the talk around each morning’s breakfast

Core Corner, What’s Your Isuzu IQ?

[email protected] Here we are starting the new year with an optimism that hasn’t been seen for probably the last five years. From all indications, 2007 appears to be the first year in a long time that will be better and show growth for the engine reman/ builder industry. The decline of the market seems to

Understanding High Performance Valvetrain Technology

Parts are getting lighter, stronger and capable of producing more horsepower than ever before. One of the driving forces behind these advances has been the proliferation of aftermarket cylinder heads that require unique valvetrain components. In addition, new computer-aided design, modeling and manufacturing techniques are making it easier and faster for valvetrain component suppliers to

Over the Peaks and Into the Valleys – Hones, Diamonds and Bores

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the recipe for perfect bores…your instructions are to produce bores that are perfectly straight and round. This message will self-destruct after five minutes. Good luck.” Although it’s not “Mission: Impossible,” good bore geometry is critical in order to achieve proper ring sealing. Bore distortion

Final Wrap: A New Year And Some Brand Spankin’ New Technology

Happy New Year! As you undoubtedly realize, this is the time of year when magazine editors typically write their columns on one of three subjects: How bad the last year was and assurances that THIS year will be better. How great last year was but expressing concern that the bottom will drop out soon. Or,

Fast Talk: Ward’s Announces ‘Top 10 Best Engines’

The winners of “Ward’s Auto 10 Best Engines” each reflect a changing environment within the automotive industry, according to the publication. Where past lists have been dominated by large-displacement engines, half of this year’s list is made up of 3.0L or smaller displacement engines. Only two of the winners are larger than 3.5L, and four

Performance Notes: EFI Now ‘Doable’ For Every Hot Rodder And Engine Builder

[email protected] It is rare that a new product comes along that redefines a category and a market. Take Apple’s iPod for example. Digital downloading and music file sharing was becoming popular, but a portable device to take your downloaded music with you was needed. Apple’s iPod did just that. Now it’s nearly impossible to go