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Mid-Range Diesel & Gas Industrial Engines

Engine builders involved in the industrial market say parts generally don’t cross over even though they may resemble their automotive counterparts. And shops that specialize in this market typically don’t build automotive engines. But don’t discount the opportunities these engines present, even if you don’t consider yourself an industrial expert. The builds are about the

PERA’S Core Corner: Sometimes Engineering Changes Actually Make Sense

As much fun as it is to play detective, research obscure facts and unravel engineering messes myself, sometimes I totally enjoy running across things that just plain make sense. Often, many of these things are after-the-fact thoughts, but that is why hindsight is always 20/20. For those in the engineering world, these would be running

Grow Your Shop By Getting Away From It

He appreciates the fact his employees feel the same way and, frankly, he feels this industry would be a whole lot better off if more shop owners followed his lead. Okay, so the guy is obviously crazy or from out of this world, right? Take time off from the shop when it’s a struggle to

Performance Drag Racing Heads

A quarter-mile strip of asphalt is not a great distance. But drag racing isn’t about distance. It’s about time. The car that reaches the finish line first wins the race. But the car that wins isn’t always the fastest car or the quickest car. It’s usually the car that runs with the most consistent elapsed

Drag Racing Engines

From the early days of drag racing up until the recent past, racers built everything for their cars themselves, from the engines and chassis to the shop equipment. Most racing teams pulled their racecars to the track behind the family station wagon or pickup truck. The personalities who participated in the sport were as colorful

Fast Lane: A Web Site Can Add To Your Business Bottom Line

Hopefully everyone out there is familiar with the Internet. While there are some things about the Internet that most of us would rather not deal with, the value it has provided far outweighs any bad. A Web site is also the most cost-effective advertising you can do. As a journalist, the Internet is the first

Machine Maintenance, The Art – And Business – Of Relationship Maintenance

Over the past few years, I’ve written quite a few articles on how to maintain your shop machinery, but now it’s time to talk about how to maintain something even more important: your relationships with your customers. Let’s face it…without customers we are out of business. You’ve probably heard the old saying, “all machine shops

Performance Notes: Stud Vs. Shaft Rockers: Why You Should Make the Switch

When the Chevrolet small-block V8 was introduced in 1955, one of its most highly touted features was its lightweight, high-revving ball and stud stamped steel rocker design. Around 1962, several of my buddies proved that claim to be true, time and again, when they twisted their Duntov-cammed 283s to 7,200 rpm. In fact, this same

Rebuilding the International 6.9/7.3L Powerstroke Engine

One solution to that problem is the diesel engine with more torque, horse power and better fuel economy. This applies not only to heavy duty applications but small displacement turbocharged inter-cooled diesels as well. The diesel engine will play just as important part of the future of the automotive industry as the Hybrid. If you

Custom Rod and Bike Market Reality:Is There a Place in for Custom Engines?

Have you ever dreamed of starring In your own reality television show? Is the human drama and bickering in your shop great enough to hold America’s attention week after week? Well, you may not impress the Nielsen families, but you could guest star as a custom rod or bike engine builder in your own local

Vizard’s View: Avoiding Flat Tappet Cam And Lifter Failure

There is nothing worse than building a cost effective engine for a customer, shipping it, and then having it come back a short while later with the installed flat tappet cam wiped out. Even if the cam and valve train was warranted by the cam manufacture, you, as the engine builder, will bear the brunt

How To Eat an Elephant

Over the past 13 years, readers of this magazine have come to expect creativity, innovation and a healthy “gee whiz” factor from the annual Machine Shop of the Year Award winners. From technical expertise to absolute professionalism, the winners of this prestigious award have been great representatives of this industry. New last year at MMM&P