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Internal Combustion Engines vs. Electric Vehicles (EV)

Electric Vehicles May not be Able to Dominate the Automotive Industry in the Near Term: Challenges Still Remain.

Electric Vehicle
Motorcycle Engine Lubrication

Despite common misconceptions, not all oil is created equal when it comes to lubricating motorcycle engines. As with other consumer vehicles, owners want high performance and protection for their investment, which is why using the proper lubricants is so critical to making sure they function properly.

Motorcycle Lubrication
Soda Blasting to Clean Engines and Parts

Baking soda will safely clean many different types of material including steel, lead, aluminum, plastic, rubber, alloys, masonry, stone, concrete, composites, and more without damaging them.

Soda Blasting
Shop Cleanliness and Efficiency

Cleanliness and efficiency go hand in hand, and often help to churn out a better product for the customer.

Clean Garage
Cleaning Equipment in Today’s Shops

Keeping components and parts in your shop clean is of utmost importance, second only to washing your hands.

Cleaning Feature
Speed of Air Engine Technology

Speed of Air’s patented technology can easily and effectively optimize combustion to deliver a significant increase in power.

Speed of Air Truck
Shop Solutions October 2021

When installing a shorter connecting rod than a crankshaft was meant for, it is sometimes necessary to clearance the counterweights.

October Shop Solutions
Experience Always Wins

Formula 1 racing often tells smaller stories within each individual race; the final stretches of the Russian Grand Prix proved in my eyes that experience always wins.