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A Shop Owner’s Guide To Advertising In 2015

Many shop owners get into trouble by throwing their money at just about every advertising opportunity that comes along. Their intentions are good, but more often than not they end up wasting a lot of money, and bringing in the wrong customers. So putting first things first, as every successful business owner will do, you need to identify your ideal customer, then create a plan that targets that individual.

Getting the Most Out of Your Advertising Dollars

Prospective customers need to see the name of your company at least seven times before they even think about making a purchase from you. Advertising is expensive, and advertising needed to reach customers seven times can drain a budget. Incorporate some of these easy actions to make your promotion efforts more effective and dollar more efficient.

Using Price Advertising to Target Ideal Customers

Believe it or not, price advertising is a good thing. I am sure you will agree, everyone likes to find a good value, and price advertising lets people in your community know that you are looking for ways to help them save money. The problem most shop owners come across is that they’re unsure of

Shop Solutions: October 2013 Issue

Balloons Belong at Birthday Parties Not in Transmissions I rebuilt a 454 GM engine that went into a motorhome application. It ran well, and no problems immediately appeared. But later on, it was towed in with a main bearing failure in the thrust area. I gave the customer another engine, and a month later it

How Advertising Works for Engine Shops

Don’t get frustrated if an advertisement does not get the response you were looking for. People buy when they are ready to buy, not necessarily when you are ready to sell. Don’t get frustrated if a “Mailed Special” does not get the response you were looking for. Your customers may not be ready to buy