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Allison Power

In December, we discussed the use of Allison engines – originally designed for use in WWII fighter planes – in watercraft applications. Now, we’ll pick up the story of these versatile powerplants finding success on dry land.

Thunderbird Boat Fires Its Allison Aircraft Engines

The famous Thunderbird fires up one of her massive Allison aircraft motors for the crowd at the 2011 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance.

Aqua Allisons – Part 1

The Allison engines were used just about every imaginable way. First, they were used as a single engine, then combined as a pair of them, and even three or four of them-all on a single vehicle. Since their development and release in aircraft in 1930, engine builders following WWII began to pry more power out of them and the rest is history.