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The W12 Engine is Here to Stay

Being the first, and practically only, automaker ever to employ a W engine in road-going applications, the VW Group pioneered the W16 monster that powers the Bugatti Veryron to the world’s top-speed record for a production car with over 1,100 horsepower. The 6.0 liter W12 has been a staple of the Bentley line and some of Audi’s models for year s now.

Five of the Best Sounding Engine Notes

Happy Friday! These five engines make sweet, sweet music.

Audi Pioneers Electric Turbo Technology

Now there is a solution to dreaded lag which accompanies turbochargers at low rpm, and it’s one you’d be surprised hasn’t been tried earlier. The primary hurdle when it comes to turbocharging over supercharging has been the lag encountered at lower engine outputs. One solution to this has been to use a twin turbo setup,

Replacing Timing Belts on VW and Audi 4.2L 8-cylinder Engines

Many timing belts have different change intervals even in the same car line. The change intervals can be ­different not only because of engine size, but also due to model year. The following are helpful tips for timing belt replacement on the VW and Audi 4.2L 8-cylinder engines. Many timing belts have different change intervals