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King Bearings Introduces Stacey Stone as Technical Sales Specialist

King Engine Bearings is delighted to announce the addition of Stacey Stone to its team. As a technical sales specialist, Stacey will handle sales support, customer training, and business development. Stacey Stone brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the powertrain industry, specifically focused on engine parts. With over two decades of involvement in

Calico CT-1 Coated Bearings

CT-1 is specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of today’s high-performance engines.

ACL Race Series Application Guide 2023

See the precision manufacturing involved, the bearing material enhancements, the applications and more.

Facts About Engine Bearings

The experts all agree that cleanliness is the most important factor during installation, and the lack thereof is the most common problem that leads to bearing failure. But measuring is just as critical.

ACL Hemi Late-Model Main Bearings

ACL has announced the release of the Hemi V8 Late Model RACE Series Performance main bearings.

Dream Engine Giveaway Ep. 4 – Bottom End Assembly

Now that Chris has checked all our specs, we begin to assemble the bottom end components of our small block Ford such as the rotating assembly, main and rod bearings and the camshaft. Next episode, we will be getting into our cylinder head assembly and more of the valvetrain components. Thanks to our Component PartnersWorld

King to Host PRI Tech Seminar and Launches Can-Am Bearings

King Engine Bearings will be hosting an engine builder roundtable at the 2022 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in Indianapolis.  “Master the Engine” seminar will be hosted by King’s Technical Manager, Ron Sledge, with six engine builders in a Q&A format, uncovering the latest engine building trends, best practices, and insider tips and tricks.

ACL Adds to its Race Series Bearings Line

ACL recently added new part numbers to its RACE series bearing range.


The new Tomei Turbo Charger MX-Series and BX-Series has finally arrived and is available for purchase at

Double Check Your Rod Bearing Clearance

In many aspects of engine building, it is imperative to double check your measurements. Jeff of LinCo Diesel Performance shows you why this is the case when he went to change rod bearings.

How to Determine What Bearings Fit Your Engine Build

In this episode of LinCo Lessons, Jeff McCord answers a common question he gets from diesel customers – what bearings fit my engine build? And the answer can only be found by properly measuring. Jeff explains…

Schaeffler Expands Line of Aftermarket Products Units for Agricultural Equipment

Schaeffler is further expanding its product line with metric-sized bearings and is now providing both metric and imperial-sized bearings for agricultural applications in North America.