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Rebuilding the Chevy 262 Engine

Every year, Engine Builder magazine surveys its readers to ask how much you charge for various rebuilding and machining operations for different engines. This Labor Costing Study provides a look at national and regional average labor charges for rebuilding the 4.3L V6 also known colloquially as the Chevy 262.

Take Our Survey on the Chevy 262 V6

Engine Builder Magazine periodically takes a survey of labor costs for rebuilding a particular engine. This survey is on the popular Chevrolet 262 V6. We’re asking specifically about the 262 cid engine produced PRIOR to the 2014 debut of the EcoTec 4.3L V6.

Chevy LS Family of Engines

This new engine family had the same bore spacing as the original small block, but that’s the only thing that stayed the same. The Gen III engine was smaller and lighter, it made more horsepower and torque per cubic inch, created fewer emissions and got better fuel mileage than the Chevy 350 it replaced. It was designed to be built in multiple displacements from day one so it could be used in a wide variety of cars and trucks later on.