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Audi Pioneers Electric Turbo Technology

Now there is a solution to dreaded lag which accompanies turbochargers at low rpm, and it’s one you’d be surprised hasn’t been tried earlier. The primary hurdle when it comes to turbocharging over supercharging has been the lag encountered at lower engine outputs. One solution to this has been to use a twin turbo setup,

Turbochargers: Small Engine Performance – Turbo Technology

Turbochargers are making a comeback, big time! Auto makers are under pressure from the government to boost their Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) numbers to over 40 mpg by 2021. One of the ways they are going to accomplish this is to downsize engines and add turbochargers to boost performance so smaller engines can still

Honeywell Expects to Launch 100 New Turbos in 2014

Honeywell Turbo Technologies says it expects to launch more than 100 turbocharger applications involving more than 20 new technologies in 2014. These new applications will serve Honeywell’s global customer base with gasoline, diesel, natural gas and hybrid powertrains in both light vehicle passenger and commercial vehicles. Honeywell states it has more than 500 current turbo programs

Industrial Parts Depot and BU Drive USA Announce Turbocharger Joint Venture

Industrial Parts Depot (IPD), LLC of Torrance, California (USA), and BU Drive USA, Inc., a BU Drive group company (BU Drive GmbH is based in Germany), have announced the creation of a joint venture (JV) company named IPD Turbocharging Systems. This new organization will focus on sales and service for the distribution of BorgWarner, Holset,

MAHLE Offers Original Turbochargers for Aftermarket

MAHLE Original turbochargers are available for high-performance and high fuel-economy diesel and gasoline engines. Company: Mahle Clevite www.mahle-aftermarket.com MAHLE Clevite offers a complete line of MAHLE Original turbochargers specifically for the aftermarket, available in a range of sizes and types. Designed to enhance performance, reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions, MAHLE Original turbochargers are available for