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Kaase’s P-38 Small-Block Ford Heads Graduate to Shaft-Mounted Rockers

Broad-base rocker management kits provide high-speed stamina and stability.

Company: Jon Kaase Racing Engines, Inc

Broad-base rocker management kits provide high-speed stamina and stability.

Winder, GA — Kaase’s P-38 small-block Ford Windsor cylinder heads have graduated to shaft-mounted rockers—a move inspired by oval track, road race and track-day demands seeking high-speed valve train stamina and stability.

The new kits comprise aluminum rockers, each with a nose roller, a hardened pivot shaft operating with a 0.750in wide needle bearing, and an H13 tool steel adjuster.118606EBWebKaas_00000068541

Each adjuster is furnished with an ARP hardened washer and a 12-point Grade 8 nut. The rocker system operates from the pedestals of a long steel stand stretching the length of the cylinder head.

Heavy duty Torx-head bolts are used to fasten the rockers to the pedestals and the stands to the cylinder heads.

When Kaase announced he had canted the valves of his small-block Ford P-38 heads (8 x 4.5 degrees and 10 x 4 degrees inlet and exhaust respectively), you wondered about the proximity of the original stud-mounted rockers.

118606EBWeb14dK_00000068542By angling the valves away from the cylinder walls for better cylinder filling, their tips congregated closely. In fact, they were so close only Crane offered an aftermarket stud-mounted rocker that could accommodate them without fettling.

The notion of developing a shaft-mounted competition rocker to succeed the stud-mounted system seemed a stretch too far.

But when oval track racers, road racers, and a growing track-day community discovered the merits of the P-38 heads, they requested a full racing valve train.

Apparently, only a shaft-mounted rocker system could demonstrate the stability and stamina prescribed, particularly during periods of sustained high engine speeds.

During this spirit of innovation, Kaase adopted a slightly longer rocker pivot length, which further improves the P-38’s valve train geometry. Lastly, existing P-38 heads can be easily converted to accommodate the new shaft-mounted rocker arrangement by a simple machining process.

For latest offerings, visit the Kaase website at: www.JonKaaseRacingEngines.com

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