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New High Performance Coolant from Evans


Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., producer of a unique line of waterless engine coolants, released its new High Performance Coolant, previously known as NPG+C.

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Company: Evans Cooling Systems, Inc.

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., producer of a unique line of waterless engine coolants, announces the release of its new labels for its High Performance Coolant, previously known as NPG+C.

The coolant is available in gallons, drums and totes.

According to the company, the technology in Evans High Performance Coolant offers improved performance and reliability for all gasoline and light duty diesel engines. When interviewed at a recent car show, Ed Coyle, the company’s general manager said, “If your goal is to preserve your vintage car, enhance performance of your race car, prevent overheating, or simply prolong the life of your engine, Evans can help get you there. Evans revolutionary coolant delivers advantages for such a broad range of car owners, our labels were updated with a more universal appeal.”


With a boiling point of 375°F, Evans High Performance Coolant will function under extreme conditions, well past the failure point of water-based coolants. Evans High Performance Coolant provides permanent cooling protection for the life of the engine, so replacement is never necessary. Its superior corrosion protection preserves metals and engine components, said the company.

With Evans High Performance Coolant there is always a huge separation between the operating temperature of the coolant and its high boiling point so that any coolant vapor condenses immediately, without forming insulating vapor pockets, as can happen with water-based coolants. The jacket metal is always in contact with liquid coolant for improved heat transfer.  Evans combines performance and economic advantages with a safer formula that contributes to a better environment.


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