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Sensory Overload

The same way these races can overwhelm your senses, here at Engine Builder, we too are delivering content for all five senses! Well, maybe with the exception of taste.

When you attend a race, whether it’s a NASCAR event, IndyCar, Sprint Car, or an NHRA drag race, all five of your senses can get overloaded. First and foremost, you’re hit with the smell of gas, oil and burning rubber – often times you can taste it too! As the cars circle the track or fly down the strip, you hear the roar of the engines. You can feel the earth rumble in your chest and the heat of the track emanating around you. Lastly, you see the blistering speed of the vehicles you came to watch race.

The same way these races can overwhelm your senses, here at Engine Builder, we too are delivering content for all five senses! Well, maybe with the exception of taste – although we won’t judge if you enjoy nibbling on a good Engine Builder magazine every once in a while. You read our words each month and get a whiff of that new magazine smell. You feel our magazine in your fingers when you flip through the pages and you hear our voices in videos or in person every now and then. 

We’ve been busy making sure we’re giving you content across many different channels and platforms. From our flagship print publication to our heavily-trafficked website and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to our videos on YouTube, and coming soon, Podcasts. 

Just as the engine building/rebuilding industry has had to change and adapt to its customers, new technologies and different markets, so too has the modern-day media company. That means, we as journalists/editors are no longer simply expected to only report on a story and write about it for next month’s publication. We now have to video it, photograph it, post about it on social media, talk about it on podcasts and write about it. And the quicker we put out that information, the better!

Overloading your senses by being available through all of these different channels and platforms also makes Engine Builder available to a global audience. While our print publication is only distributed here in the U.S., the content on our website, social media and other areas is available to the world. 

What a nice segue to our international issue! You all as engine builders, manufacturers and suppliers are also trying to reach customers on an increasingly global scale, and thanks to the internet, it’s becoming easier to accomplish. I hope you enjoy our international issue with a spotlight on Australia and China, as well as a look into what it takes to sell engines internationally.

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