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A Wo(man)’s World

We’ve made a conscious effort to give the women of this industry recognition for the great things they are doing in this industry, and it starts with the July 2019 issue of Engine Builder.


In recent weeks and months, there have been countless discussions surrounding more equality for women in this country. With the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team winning the 2019 World Cup earlier this month – and being decidedly better than the men’s U.S. team – that conversation has especially surrounded female athletes lately on the basis of pay.

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However, women in all sports and industries deserve equality among their male counterparts. The sport of auto racing and the engine building/rebuilding industry is no exception. While we aren’t tackling the topic of equal pay here, equal recognition and respect is just as important in our industry as it is on the soccer field. The women in this industry are crucial to the success of the industry. 

Over the years, Engine Builder magazine hasn’t neglected women of this industry on purpose. This is, frankly, a male-dominated industry, and our coverage has historically reflected that – until now!


We’ve made a conscious effort to give the women of this industry recognition for the great things they are doing in this industry, and it starts with this issue of Engine Builder – but will be an ongoing initiative on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis moving forward. 

Don’t get this mixed up – these women didn’t come to us asking to be featured. Rather, we sought them out. We believe it has been long overdue that we support everyone in the engine building/rebuilding industry. Just like the men we’ve featured in our magazine, these women are focused and determined to change this industry for the better through their respective roles, whether that is behind the wheel of a race car, getting greasy in the engine shop or helping one of this industry’s many companies deliver services and products for us all to enjoy.


We’ve highlighted 10 amazing women in this month’s issue (beginning on page 29). This month we feature:

Kim Pendergast, Magnuson Superchargers

Renee Noonan, Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering

Meytal Snir Gal, King Engine Bearings

Brandi Anderson, AR Fabrication

Tammy Baker, Joe Baker Equipment Sales

Jen Dickmeyer, Dickmeyer Automotive Engineering

Adrian Long, QualCast

DeAnna Baldwin, Baldwin Racing Engines

Shannon Morgan, Morgan and Son Racing Engines

Bridgette Fitzgerald, Barnettes Engines

If you’re a woman who’d like to be featured, or someone who’d like to nominate a woman to be featured in the future, please reach out via email at [email protected]



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