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Engine are Awesome, but There’s so Much More to Explore


With all the different types of automotive engines in the world tod ay, and those from many years ago, there’s really never a shortage of things to cover in our magazine each month and each year. From the engines used in ultra-high performance and racing to hot rods and street cars to diesel, marine and agriculture, motorcycles, and industrial applications too – we can’t complain about the topics we get to write about. 

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That doesn’t even include the many engine components, systems and all the tools and equipment shops need to do their daily work. We’re lucky to cover an industry with so much technology, innovation, history, and above all, good people.

All that being said, it’s nice every now and then to look at some of those ancillary services, ideas and opportunities directly related to engine building that we don’t cover regularly. Hence, our Beyond the Engine issue this month.

We understand that not all of our audience explores too far beyond strict engine building and machining practices, but many folks do, and these are worthy topics to discuss. And frankly, we only just scratched the surface of those “other” topics we could cover related to engine building and machining.


These are areas that offer opportunities to be creative, to increase or expand certain skill sets, and most importantly, can be additional revenue streams that benefit you.

If it weren’t for expanding these horizons, I would have never gotten to know someone like Doug Rogers and his story of how he started PistonFace. Who doesn’t love a piston that looks like Clint Eastwood? I know I sure do. No matter what kinds of things your shop and employees get into, keep up the great work! EB

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