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TI Fuel Pump


TI Automotive High-Pressure Fuel Pumps

The new GSL396 high pressure in-line fuel pump features support for up to 650 horsepower.


TI Automotive, a leading manufacturer of award-winning fuel pumps and modules for performance enthusiasts, has launched two new products: the BKS1001 high pressure, brushless fuel pump and controller kit, and GSL396 high pressure in-line fuel pump

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The BKS1001 will replace the current BKS1000 part number, while the GSL396 provides a new and improved upgrade to the popular GSL392/Walbro 255lph in-line fuel pump. The GSL392 will still be available, but those looking to upgrade to GSL396 will enjoy the added benefits of higher flow at 350lph at 40psi, 13.5V vs. the 255lph of GSL392.

“We’re excited to bring these two new products to our customers,” said Brian Altenberger, aftermarket business director. “The BKS1001 has the added functionality of PWM control which we know enthusiasts want for their builds, and the GSL396 provides increased flow resulting in an additional 95lph of output. That makes a difference in performance and provides a very nice upgrade from the popular GSL392/Walbro 255lph.” 

The new GSL396 high pressure in-line fuel pump features:
•    Upgraded internal componentry and build that exceeds OE specs
•    Support for up to 650 horsepower
•    43mm in-line design, fits factory hanger brackets
•    Threaded M10 outlet, identical to the GSL392
•    Internal check valve to retain line pressure for quick restarts
•    Capable of high pressure operation
•    Aluminum shell and outlet to resist rust

The new BKS1001 high pressure, brushless fuel pump & controller kit, which will replace the current BKS1000, features:
•    Direct-fit replacement
•    PWM (pulse-width modulation) input command controller
•    High pressure, high flow E5LM brushless screw pump
•    Support of 1,000+ horsepower
•    Reduced system current draw
•    Suitability for naturally aspirated and boosted applications

BKS1001 is a true three-step controller with the added PWM input control functionality, with capabilities for 100% duty cycle, 50% duty cycle by grounding the command wire and full PWM command by wiring the input into a 100Hz battery level PWM signal. This customization provides more flexibility and power than available with the current BKS1000, as PWM delivers a calculated amount of flow based on engine demand.

Both BKS1001 and GSL396 are available via TI Automotive’s aftermarket network of distributors.

To learn more about TI Automotive fuel pumps, visit aftermarket.tiautomotive.com.

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