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Twin-Turbo 6.0L LS Engine

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When we spoke with Tom Bailey about his new drag-and-drive event called Sick Week, he was ecstatic about how the first-time event was going. He was also grinning ear-to-ear as a proud father after witnessing his son Aydan run his first couple 8-second 1/4-mile passes. Tom even suggested that Aydan would be trying for a 7-second pass in the last day or two. With that information in hand, we had to talk with Aydan about his Sick Week ride.

On day four of the event at South Georgia Motorsports Park, the temps were good, the sun was out and all competitors were happy about the potential to run some solid ETs! Aydan Bailey and his 1957 Chevy 210 wagon with a twin-turbo 6.0L LS engine was also looking to go low. Up to this point, Aydan had run an [email protected] mph at Bradenton and an [email protected] mph at Gainesville. Helping his Chevy wagon, affectionately known as ‘Shitbox of Doom 2.0,’ make those passes was a newly installed twin-turbo LS setup.

“The LS engine came out of a truck,” Aydan Bailey told us. “We got some upgraded internals, billet headers, a new Holley intake, a Motion throttle body, a Delta PAG radiator/intercooler to cool down the air going in from the turbos, which are Precision 68/70 turbos.”

Aydan didn’t get too deep into details of his LS engine’s internals, just noting that those parts weren’t top-of-the-line components, but rather just slightly upgraded from stock. The engine also features a wet sump oiling system.

The 1957 Chevy wagon itself is really an awesome car, complete with no shortage of patina, and was built up by Richie Crampton. The Shitbox of Doom previously featured a blown alcohol Hemi engine with a Lenco behind it. Aydan has a similar set up, except he swapped the Hemi for the LS and the Lenco for a Turbo 400.

“Out on the track it’s been pretty good,” Bailey says. “It still feels a little slow, but we’re trying to get it down in the 7s by Friday, and hopefully we’ve got enough injector. We have one set of injectors in it with two A1000 Aeromotive fuel pumps, so the biggest thing is going to be if we can get enough fuel in the engine to go that fast.”

The 6.0L LS hasn’t had a turn on the engine dyno yet, but Aydan estimates it puts out around 1,000 horsepower. At SGMP, Aydan laid down another solid run of [email protected] mph, which was his fastest run of the event. Unfortunately, in an effort to hit 7s on the last day of the event back at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Aydan flipped the wagon and skidded to a stop on the roof of the car. Fortunately, he walked away without an issue, and now it’s back to the drawing board for Aydan, the ‘57 wagon and its twin-turbo LS.

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