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Lucas Penetrating Oil: What Every Garage, Home and Office Needs to Keep Things Lubricated and Protected

From rusty bolts to squeaky hinges, this easy-to-use product tackles the toughest jobs using superior lubrication technology.

Lucas Oil Products, the world leader and distributor of high-performance automotive additives and lubricants, has used decades of scientific research and product development to create Lucas Penetrating Oil – a superior penetrating lubricant that provides protection from the elements while dissolving rust and fighting corrosion. The proprietary formula is fortified with powerful corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts from the elements, especially wet conditions. The product features a unique technical formulation giving it the properties of a heavy-weight oil, and the penetrating qualities of a solvent, but with a thin consistency that allows it to work its way deep inside rusted bolts, bearings, chains and more to provide a robust barrier of protection against friction, water, rust and corrosion. 

This penetrating oil is not just for garage and shop applications. Households, offices, businesses and schools are filled with products that need to be lubricated including door hinges, office chairs, sliding patio doors and much more.

A High Performance Penetrating Lubricant with Millions of Uses

  • Bicycle Chains
  • Locks
  • Sliding Doors and Windows
  • Office Chairs and Recliners
  • Rusted on bolts
  • Bearings
  • Fence latches
  • Farm Equipment
  • Tools
  • Firearms
  • Garage Doors
  • And More!

Lucas Penetrating Oil is available in an aerosol can which is equipped with a locking pop-up tube for those hard-to-reach spaces, and when folded down, the applicator sprays a wide pattern for larger applications. Plus, the can’s 360-degree applicator can be used in any position including upside down. It also has low odor, is silicon free, body shop safe, 50-state compliant and contains no chlorine or fluorocarbons. 

“Our product lineup has grown substantially over the years and in that time, we’ve collected lots of information about all kinds of lubricants and oils. We were able to leverage that data to develop, what we believe, is the best penetrating oil in the world,” said Morgan Lucas, President of Lucas Oil. “All penetrating oils might look very similar, but they’re not. A team of our most talented engineers worked a long time to develop a superior penetrating oil that was worthy of the Lucas name and I am confident our customers will see and experience the difference.”

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