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Speedmaster Top End Engine Kit

Kits include fully assembled PCE cylinder heads, intake manifold, valve covers, intake manifold gaskets, roller rockers, guide plates and screw-in studs.

Speedmaster’s Cylinder Head Intake Manifold Top-End Engine Kits will save you the time and hassle of mixing and matching components yourself. These kits are specifically designed to deliver the performance you want at a better price than purchasing the parts separately.

Kits include fully assembled PCE cylinder heads, intake manifold, valve covers, intake manifold gaskets, roller rockers, guide plates and screw-in studs. 

Assembly Specifications

Max Lift: .580
Coil Bind: .740
Intake Install: 130lbs @ 1.8
Exhaust Install: 130lbs @ 1.8
Closed Sear Pressure: 125lbs
Open Seat Pressure: 320lbs

Intake Manifold Information

The new Eliminator Manifold is a special version of the qualifier series. While it is the exact same height, it features an open area under the plenum chamber. This provides for a flow of cooling air which keeps the temperature of the air/fuel charge lower thus producing more power and torque.

The interior plenum and port design are identical to the qualifier series and will provide somewhat better overall power than the qualifier series due to the special air gap style design.

Intake Manifold Gasket Information

PCE intake manifold gaskets have Printoseal construction, which puts beads of special elastomers around the ports for extra sealing power. They also feature a non-metallic, rubber-fiber base material that resists gasoline and alcohol, while allowing engine builders to precision-trim around the intake ports.

Cylinder Head Suggested Parts

Head Gaskets
The head gasket recommended for the 23deg. heads used on 327/350/383/400 SBC engines without steam holes is Felpro #1003. On engines using the GM 400 block, or aftermarket blocks with steam holes, use PCE PCE348.1006 or Felpro #1014.

Aluminum 23deg. heads typically use +.100″ (longer than stock) pushrods, Depending on the components used, it is possible that you may need pushrods shorter or longer than that, so it is recommended you use an adjustable pushrod to dial in your rocker geometry and order pushrods to match.

Spark Plugs
All PCE 23deg. SBC heads use standard 14mm. x 750″ reach, 5/8 hex, gasket seat sparkplugs like NGK R5671A-7, Autolite 3924, Champion RC12YC, etc. Remember that higher compression/boost require a colder heat range spark plug.

Head Bolts / Studs
The 23-degree heads utilize standard head bolts or studs. The part number for head bolts is PCE279.1002, and the head studs are PCE279.1001. For the 15-degree heads, it is recommended to use SM2451-15DEG. head stud kit with 3/8″ reduced shank on the studs between intake ports. The ARP head bolt part number is 134-3601, and ARP head studs 234-4301 for the 23-degree heads. ARP also makes a head stud kit that is compatible with the 15-deg. heads on cast iron blocks with part number 234-4723.

Exhaust Gaskets
Use exhaust gaskets #SM5120 or Fel-Pro #1405 on the 23-degree heads. On the 15-degree heads, use SM5121 or Fel-Pro #1409.

Roller Rockers Information

PCE high-performance aluminum roller rockers are extruded from 6061 T6 aluminum. The larger needle bearing fulcrum can withstand valve spring loads up to 350 lbs. Ideally suited for use with flat tappet roller cams. They feature very precise valve operation, horsepower increase of 10-15, increases valvetrain life dramatically, acceleration is more responsive, oil temp will run approximately 5-10 degrees cooler.

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