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You Didn’t Need a V8

What to Know When Rebuilding Ford’s Powerful 3.5L Six-Cylinder Engine Platform Originally named TwinForce, Ford had a simple and specific directive with the development of its new engine family: “Build a low-emissions vehicle, with good fuel economy, that performs so well that the driver forgets they are driving a low-emissions vehicle with good fuel economy.”

Keeping Your Balance With 3.7L?Chryslers

Even though flywheel and clutch assemblies are balanced individually within allowable limits, the mating of each part with the crankshaft axis is essential so that they “run true.” Ideally, the balancing of both the crankshaft and flywheel assembly as one unit would be the way to go – since that’s not likely, holding the closest

Solving The Riddle Of The V10 Chrysler Cylinder Head

I know, I know – don’t quit my day job. But that really IS my dayjob – dealing with mysteries and riddles. In this case, the riddle isthe cylinder heads of the 8.0L, V10 Chrysler truck engine. Although there aren’t nearly as many of the Chrysler V10 engines out inthe marketplace as the Ford Triton

Tight Engine Timing Belts Can Cause Havoc

If one day it sounded like a cat was being tortured under the hood, yougot out your trusty wrenches, loosened the generator mounting bolts,and tore up your knuckles as you used a pry bar, pipe or 2×4 to pryaway until it stoped making noise. You then tightened the bolts againand went on your merry way.

Back to Basics: Engine Bearings

Most everyone knows this wives tale: hang a horseshoe over your door for good luck. Now most of the world will do so with the open part down, but in a few parts of Ireland and Britain they do the opposite, with the opening upward so as not to ever run out of good luck.

Breakdowns, Flashpoints And Other Reasons To Change Oil

First off, all oil breaks down. That generally will include basestocks and additives. Without focusing on performance characteristics, the most significant difference from one oil to another is how quickly breakdown occurs. Although there are many factors that contribute to the breakdown of an oil, heat is one of the most important. Depletion and decreased

Variable Valve Timing Can Help Save V8s, Environment

Not that I don’t supportthe environment and being responsible in our efforts to save the planet– I do. But the passion for the thunder of a throbbing,pavement-pounding V8 is, well, similar to that of the how your heartskips a beat when you think of your first love. What if you could stillhave the power, have

Understanding Differences, Challenges Between Crankshaft Position Sensors

I don’t believe that I have ever written about watching out fordamaged as-cast reluctor rings, spark triggers or whatever other namesome manufacturer has given them to create their ownidentity/ownership. It’s not as bad as the variable displacementacronyms but still running a close second.   ANYWAY. Before we talk about this issue you need to understand

Common Coolant Concerns – Know What You Know And Question the Rest

My column on issues surrounding the PCV system may have bordered on the mundane to some of you, but there was a method to the madness. When you stop to think about how often the PCV system is the root cause of a problem you just can’t talk about it often enough. I think of

Identifying Ford Duratec 3.0L Cylinder Blocks

The Duratec 30 is an aluminum blockwith cast iron liners, aluminum DOHC cylinder head with four valves percylinder, fracture-split (cracked) forged powder metal connecting rods,and a forged steel crankshaft. There are two versions of the Duratec 30: DAMB – Lincoln LS, Jaguar, Mazda 6 and MPV, which use direct-actingmechanical bucket (DAMB) tappets. Here the camshaft

History-Making Times and Technologies

Speaking of choices, we have a little bit of history happening in theautomotive industry as well and it’s called Displacement on Demand,Active Fuel Management, Multi-Displacement system, Variable CylinderManagement and the list goes on. The bottom line is, technology thatchanges the number of cylinders a vehicle runs on can use just 25-30percent of the available horsepower

Finding the Weak Link in Nissan KA24 SOHC Engines

Many of you may have not seen this issue, but once it bites you, you will always remember the Nissan KA24 engine series in the SOHC configuration. ? When the timing chain, guides and tensioner get high miles and wear the chain can actually start rubbing against the front of the block (Figure 1). ??