Auto Engine Components
Can Used Race Parts See New Life?

Eatmon Racing Engines Finds Veterans to be Valuable In 1950, the Mexican government sponsored a race to inform the world that Mexico had a new system of roads known as the Pan-American Highway, which stretched across the country from north to south for commerce and tourism. That race was the original Pan-Am. Today, known as

Updating the Ford 8.8 Differential

Conventional wisdom says that if you are going to upgrade any kind of performance engine, your customer will likely need to upgrade other components. Brakes, suspension, transmission – all components that can be impacted by dramatic increases in power. The rear end is no different. In many cases if you’re adding big power (especially for

The Anatomy of Carburetors

Carburetors are still a viable and valuable component for atomizing fuel. It is amazing that the carburetor has been around for well over 100 years. A small yet unique invention by the Holley brothers in the early 1900s provided the concept of what we use today. Holley became recognized in the high performance market when

Valve Failures Explained

Whether Thermal or Mechanical, Understanding Why Valves Fail Will Improve Your Skill Even engine builders with years of experience have valve failure at some point, but knowing what caused the failure is the difference between a builder who will learn from the mistake and figure out the solution versus one who will continue to make

Oil Pumps – Pump Up The Volume to keep Engine in Tune

The Right Oil Pumps and Systems Keep Your Engines In Harmony This month we’re going to take a look at the component that can be considered the heart of your engine, the oil pump. Whether it’s a wet sump, dry sump, crank-driven, shaft-driven, etc. it is responsible for supplying the required oil that no engine

Military-Spec Coatings

How thermal coatings can benefit multiple engine areas M ilitary coatings are exponentially better than commercial coatings. At my shop, Hekimian Racing Engines in Watertown, MA, we use what are known as Mil-Coats, proprietary coating combinations for engine components. These are not available through your commercial channels. Hekimian Racing Engines’ coatings are proprietary, and Mil-Coat

Understanding Ignition Timing: Making Maximum Power Means Knowing the Science

In a spark ignition internal combustion engine, the purpose of advancing the timing of the engine spark is to get past ignition delay. Ignition delay occurs during the time that it takes to fully ignite the mixture with a spark plug.

King Engine Bearings Technical Seminar Video Now Available

Ron Sledge, King’s performance and technical manager, presented "Race Engine Bearing Lubrication, Clearances & Tolerances" at both the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI) and International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS) events.   The hour long presentation is now available to view, free-of-charge at   Sledge shared his knowledge of engine bearings and race engine