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V-Twin Update: What’s Up For Harleys

Last year’s Machine Shop Market Profile revealed that about 44 percent of machine shops build motorcycle engines. Accounting for just over 3 percent of the total number of engines rebuilt, it may seem that motorcycle engines are of little interest.

AETC Brings Great Minds Together for the Eighteenth Year

The Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC) has long been known for bringing great minds together to listen to some of the performance industry’s most noteworthy speakers discuss cutting edge engineering technology. Over the years there have been many fascinating speakers who have divulged some of their secrets, and this year continued with the tradition. This

Ten Commandments and Two Ideas To Make More Money

A lot has been written in these pages about how to be competitive as a small engine shop in this quickly changing landscape of crate motors and huge rebuilders. The answer is simple, but requires commitment – performance engines!

Opening The

We all know the most important “Guy” rule:  “He who has the most toys WINS! I hope you are in the game. I am and I PLAY TO WIN!  Boy’s toys are nothing new. We all started acquiring toys as kids. As we grew older, our toys changed, and our toy box is now called

Selecting Boring and Honing Equipment for Your Shop

The engine building market has changed dramatically due to advancements in engine technology without a doubt. Equipment needs have changed and continue to change along with the needs of the market, note equipment experts. The technology has had to keep up with the sophistication of today’s engines, as production engines are now on par with

Creating and Using Air Efficiently

In one of his famous science lectures, Dr. William H. Cosby asked the pertinent question: “Why is there air?” Being the astute man of knowledge he is, he answered his own question: “To blow up basketballs.” Of course, Bill Cosby’s rationale for why air exists Is different than any of Engine Builder’s readers. After all,

Diesel Pistons

The diesel engine market has been rapidly changing in recent years. Higher fuel prices and changes in emission regulations have brought about a whole new generation of clean diesel engines in both the light and heavy-duty truck markets. According to the Diesel Technology Forum (www.dieselforum.org), particulate emissions from new on-highway diesel engines have been reduced