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The ARC Is Making Headway Promoting The Benefits of Rebuilt Engines

Progress is being made by the Automotive Repower Council (ARC) in its effort to better educate consumers concerning the benefits of repowering, i.e, installing a rebuilt engine, or utilizing machine shop services, compared to purchasing a new or used vehicle or installing a used engine. ARC Chairman, Dave Deegan, recently made a presentation to the

Blum Hopes To Help Bring PERs Up to Speed Technologically

The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association (PERA) will be coming up roses when it welcomes its new chairman at its annual convention, hosted this year in Point Clear, AL. Wilfried Blum will have some impressive shoes to fill as he replaces Jim Ormsby of Franklin Power Products, located in Franklin, IN, as president for 2001. Blum,

Engine Cylinder Bore Surface Finishes

What’s the best type of cylinder bore finish for today’s engines? Most would say it’s a finish that allows the rings to seat quickly and completely so the engine doesn’t use oil. For many applications, that may mean a plateau finish. The surface finish must also meet the piston ring manufacturer’s specifications and have the

TLC of Your Valves — Temperatures, Loads and Corrosive Environment

The operating conditions that valves must endure dictate many things about the design and alloys to be used, the heat treatments needed, the finishes required, the necessary hardness at various areas, the method of construction and a host of other things. So it is vital for us to know just what those conditions are in

Rebuilding the Chevy 3

The Chevy 191/3.1L is the bigger version of GM

What’s Hot In Cold Crack Repairs!

It is one of the most common ailments of a modern engine, requiring attention whenever it is discovered. It has the potential to be a great profit center, but it can also cause no end of frustration. "It" is a crack, and whenever one is discovered in a cylinder head or engine block, it means

The Future Of OEMs In The Reman Aftermarket

Some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the independent automotive remanufacturing industry have maintained a symbiotic relationship since the introduction of the first automobiles; other OEMs are still lagging behind when it comes to getting involved in reman automotive aftermarket sales. However, today the future of the relationship between the two is critical not only to

The IC Engine Is Here For The Long Run

For 100 years, the internal combustion (IC) engine has dominated the automobile industry with its power and convenience. It has provided this country and the world a reliable and economical source for transportation and has given enjoyment to scores of hot rod, classic car and restoration enthusiasts, as well as endless excitement in amateur and

Coming Clean: The Inside Dirt About Cleaning Systems and Their Impact On Shop Profitability

Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but can it be profitable? Cleaning engine components is a vital part of the operation of any machine shop, but to make it profitable or at least ensure it doesn

Engine Valve Designs

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Rebuilding the GM / Chevy 2.2L Engine

Unfortunately, this four cylinder, pushrod motor didn’t have nearly enough horsepower, so Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac all opted for the 1.8L SOHC Opel engine from Brazil for most of their “J” cars, and Chevy promptly made its new engine into a 2.0L/121 cid that delivered more power in 1983. The 2.0L was upgraded in 1987