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ACL Oil Pump Catalog

ACL RACE Series oil pumps are designed with high output and high volume capabilities.

ACL LS Short Groove Main Bearings

ACL’s LS Short Groove Main Bearing Set suits the Gen III and IV LS small block engine and is now available.

ACL Product Brochure

The ACL Product Brochure provides insight into ACL, while highlighting the 2023 Chevrolet LS Application Guide.

ACL Race Series Application Guide 2023

See the precision manufacturing involved, the bearing material enhancements, the applications and more.

ACL Hemi Late-Model Main Bearings

ACL has announced the release of the Hemi V8 Late Model RACE Series Performance main bearings.

Engine Bearings’ Impact on Performance

Nowadays, a bearing (in a performance setting) must be both hard and soft. Retaining geometry is of utmost importance, but it also must be malleable and able to adjust for stress and flexing.

ACL Adds to its Race Series Bearings Line

ACL recently added new part numbers to its RACE series bearing range.

Engine Bearings: To Coat or Not to Coat?

When it comes to keeping your engine happy and operating well, engine bearings are a component that play a big role in that regard. They’re small and relatively inexpensive when compared to other engine parts, but if an engine bearing doesn’t do its job, the consequences can be many.

Musi Racing Names ACL an Official Supplier

Pat Musi Racing Engines has named ACL’s Race Series performance engine bearing it’s Official Engine Bearing. ACL has been involved in drag racing for a number of years, but this deal marks the company’s first major American drag racing sponsorship. Pat Musi worked with ACL to help design and engineer acustom engine bearing for all

ACL Celebrates 70 Years

ACL produces one of the largest general aftermarket ranges in the world from its Launceston facilities through its Duraglide and Aluglide product as well as its ACL RACE Series performance engine bearings range.

2018 ACL Race Series Performance Bearing Catalog

The 2018 ACL Race Series performance bearing catalog/brochure is now available. The current version contains new applications as well as additional engineering, metallurgy and design information.

What’s Happening At ACL Bearings?

When ordering parts, engine builders at times may have some questions regarding a component. The following are common technical questions regarding ACL performance engine bearings. Frequently Asked Questions  Q  What is the maximum power rating of your Race Series bearings? A   The power rating of the engine can be tweaked in many ways that have