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Powerhouse Pinto Engine Makes 3.26 Ponies Per Cube

Doug “Burton” Brown of Fremont, WI, raced stock cars for more than 30 years before he got into land speed racing at Bonneville and other venues. In 2010, he set a record with a Datsun Z-car, and about a year later he found a Bonneville Streamliner on eBay and purchased the engine-less car for somewhere

Twin 1940 Indian Sport Scout Series Motors

According to Jim Mosher of Indian Performance, it takes an average of seven years to break a record at Bonneville. Mosher’s twin Indian Sport Scout motors have set seven records in three years.

Bonneville Needs BLM Intervention for Survival, SEMA Says

The Bonneville salt flats is an unique land formation in northwestern Utah that beckons visitors from around the world. For racers, its surface is unequaled. The hard salt crust is perfect for both speed and safety. But there is a problem. The once 13-mile racetrack is now less than eight miles long due to salt erosion.

Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Fate of Bonneville Salt Flats

The Utah Alliance and Save the Salt Coalition met with a variety of stakeholder groups at the Bonneville Salt Flats (BSF) in Utah this week to discuss potential solutions for restoring the historic racing venue.

Greetings From Bonneville

This year an opportunity came to go to a gathering of speed freaks drawn together from around the world. An event that I’ve now learned is on most “Motorhead’s” bucket lists, and was put forth as the background for a great movie that hit limited screens in 2005 and is recorded on DVD in many of our video libraries. The movie was “The World’s Fastest Indian,” and the event is simply called “Bonneville.”

The Low-Down on the Salt Flats Laydown

There’s some good news for racing record setters — SEMA reported recently that an estimated 2,000 tons of salt were successfully deposited on the mud surface at the end of the access road to the Bonneville Salt Flats. It was graded and then dried to a hard concrete-like racing surface. Although modest in scope, the

Racing Industry Loses Fuel Injector Pioneer with Passing of Stuart Hilborn

ALISO VIEJO, CA  – Stuart Hilborn, a pioneer of fuel injection in automobiles and racing applications, died at 96 Dec.16, 2013. Family said Hilborn died of natural causes and congestive heart failure.   He lived in Monarch Beach and had a manufacturing facility in Aliso Viejo. Hilborn became interested in amateur racing on dry lake

World’s Fastest Car: Spirit of Rett World Record at Bonneville Salt Flats

Interview with Charlie Nearburg after he drove the Red Line sponsored Spirit of Rett streamlined racecar over 420mph and setting a new FIA world land speed record, becoming the fastest wheel driven single engine car in history. The Spirit of Rett is named after Charlie’s late son Rett Nearburg, and it runs a single Rehr-Morrison