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Industry Veterans Form MEC CNC Machines

Anthony and Elle Usher, veterans of the engine machining industry, have formed MEC CNC Machines based in California. “Our goal is to bring precision engine machining equipment to a broad range of customers servicing internal combustion engines,” says Anthony Usher. “Our clients rely on versatile equipment for manufacturing, modifying and rebuilding engines and related components.

Closed-Deck Engine Block Conversions

Want power at a low cost? Reliability will become your issue. Want it built for power and reliability? That’s going to hit your wallet harder… or is it? Enter the world of block conversions.

Closed Deck
Debunking CNC Abrasive Finishing Tool Concerns

Machine shops are increasingly turning to abrasive finishing tools that can be easily integrated into CNC machine carousels or tool holding systems.

Hone in on Honing

The key to honing is to get the rings to seal against the cylinder wall by making just enough valley depth.

CNC Machines Keep the $pindle Moving

CNC block machining centers and CNC cylinder hones are some of the most popular machines today. These machines can increase productivity in the shop significantly.

Cylinder Head Porting; Turning Air Into Power

In general, the most critical areas when porting a cylinder head are those which pass the most air at the highest speed and for the longest duration.

Siemens Sinumerik CNC Machines

The expanded contour machining cycle for Sinumerik CNCs now facilitates 4-axis turning on lathes. Two turning tools, opposite one another, machine the workpiece simultaneously, enabling the machining time to be significantly reduced.

PRI Machinery Row Recalls 50 Years of Tooling Advances

Visiting Machinery Row at the annual PRI Show in Indianapolis you’ll see some mind-blowing whirring, spinning and rotating as machines like the Centroid A560 with CAD/CAM control, touch screen operation and a 24-tool automatic tool changer machine race car engines.

Centroid to Lead CNC Seminar at 2014 PRI Show

Centroid will be hosting a CNC seminar at the 2014 PRI Show located in meeting room #205 on Friday, December 12 at 10:00am at the Indiana Convention Center. The CNC seminar will discuss CNC cylinder head porting, CNC block machining, CNC parts creation, digitizing, and CAD/CAM.

What Can CNC Do For You?

Are you using Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) equipment in your shop? According to our most recent Babcox Machine Shop Market Profile Survey, 12 percent of engine builders said they own a CNC machining center (a multi-purpose machine that can do surfacing, boring, milling, drilling, etc.). The survey also asked what other types of equipment our

Weld Tech Announces Ownership Change

Weld Tech has been a leader in providing C.N.C. Ported Cylinder Heads to the high performance motorsports industry for 25 years.   Debra Weld, President of Weld Tech a provider of C.N.C. ported cylinder heads, has entered into an agreement of sale with Chris Grace. “Chris has been with Weld Tech for sixteen years, and we