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Twin-Turbo 6.4L Gen III Hemi Engine

After rebuilding his ‘Lil Red Express truck for the past two years following a collision during the Midwest Drags, Rick Russell got back to drag-and-drive competition at Sick Week 2024. This time, ‘Lil Red Express featured a twin-turbo 6.4L Gen III Hemi engine!

Lil Red Express
Li’l Red Express Twin-Turbo 6.4L Hemi Engine

A couple years ago we were following along with the 2022 Midwest Drags event, and at the Dragway 42 stop, we got a front-row seat to see Rick Russell’s Li’l Red Express truck go down the track. Unfortunately, that pass quickly ended with the truck hitting the wall and crumpling the front end. Rick has

Summit Racing EZ Pushrod Length Checkers

Summit Racing EZ Pushrod Length Checkers are made from stainless steel for a lifetime of use.

pushrod length checker
Holley Gen III Hemi Swap Oil Pan

Mopar’s popular Gen III Hemi engines are ideal for swapping into many trucks since they are durable, reliable, and make great power. The factory oil pans on these engines usually don’t fit and hang too low for your swap. These new cast aluminum oil pans (Patent Pending) fit 1972-1993 Dodge D100/D150/W100/W150, 1987-2004 Dodge Dakota, 1974-1993

Hooker BlackHeart Multi-Fit Gen III Hemi Swap Shorty Stainless Headers

Hooker Blackheart Gen III Hemi swap headers are one part of a fully engineered swap system that provides maximum component clearances and ideal drivetrain geometry. These headers are designed to fit a wide range of swap applications where clearance is limited. The fitment has been confirmed on several popular platforms including 1987-2004 2WD Dakota, 1972-1993

Hooker Headers
Holley Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Systems for Gen III Hemi Engines

The Mid-Mount system comes with everything you need. All accessories are included; the water pump, A/C compressor, Alternator, P/S pump with reservoir, and the crank damper.

Holley Accessory Kit
Hays Billet Steel SFI-certified Flywheel for Gen III Hemi

This Hays Billet flywheel is manufactured to withstand heavy stress under high RPM and racing conditions.

Hays Flywheel
Holley Alternator for Gen III Hemi Engine Swaps

This Holley Alternator is sure to make a great alternative to a factory alternator for a Gen III Hemi engine swap.

Holley Alternator
5.7L Gen III Hemi Engine Mysteries

The original hemispherical combustion chamber engine design was introduced with the FirePower name for 1951 model-year Chrysler and was rated at 180 hp. The history of the Hemi is filled with plenty of memorable highlights such as Richard Petty’s dominance at the 1964 Daytona 500 where he lapped the field.