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Hays Flywheel


Hays Billet Steel SFI-certified Flywheel for Gen III Hemi

This Hays Billet flywheel is manufactured to withstand heavy stress under high RPM and racing conditions.


Hays Steel Flywheels for Gen III hemi engines are the perfect solution for builders adding an early-style Mopar manual transmission or Ford-style tKX transmission to their build.

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They are manufactured from strong, billet material that will not break up under the stress of high RPM or severe punishment of racing, are precision balanced to internal specifications, and meet SFI specification 1.1.


  • Fits Chrysler 10.5” and 10.95” Clutches
  • 130 Tooth, 36 Lbs., Internally Balanced for Gen 3 Hemi using Early 4 Speed Transmissions
  • Perfect Fit with Ford TKX Transmission and Lakewood LK7000K Bellhousing Kit



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