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Hot Shot’s Secret Announces a Year of Fundraising to Support Battle Scarred Motorsports

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced a year of fundraising activity designed to support Battle Scarred Motorsports (BSM). Battle Scarred Motorsports, formerly USMC Racing, assists disabled service members and first responders by providing “adrenaline therapy” through racing opportunities on the track and in the pits.  Money raised starting in March through the end of the year will help

Hot Shot’s Secret Supports Waypoint Vets with $50,000 Match

Hot Shot’s Secret, the fastest growing performance lubricant brand in the U.S., is increasing the company’s support of Waypoint Vets in 2022 with a $50,000 fundraising match. The match is effective throughout 2022 and is a significant increase over last year’s match donation. Waypoint Vets Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission of

Hot Shot’s Secret Renews Title Sponsorship of Firepunk Diesel S10

Hot Shot’s Secret proudly announces a continued partnership with the Firepunk Diesel race team for the 2022 season. The quickest diesel in the world will again wear Hot Shot’s Secret’s distinctive black, chrome and green livery this season as the Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 sets out to break its own world record

Hot Shot’s Secret Announces 2022 Facebook Live Schedule

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced its 2022 Hot Shot’s Secret Facebook Live schedule. The half hour Friday show will be featured once a month on the second Friday at 3 p.m. EST. The show will typically cover the latest Hot Shot’s Secret company and product news including new product formulations, testing and introductions, scientific breakthroughs

National Tractor Pullers Association Awards Hot Shot’s Secret Manufacturer of the Year for 2021

Hot Shot’s Secret was recently honored with the award title Manufacturer of the Year by the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA). The award was presented to Josh Steinmetz, Lubrication Specialties Inc. E-commerce Manager on Saturday, December 4 at NTPA’s 50th Awards Banquet. The annual banquet recognizes the people and organizations who give support to tractor

Hot Shot Secret Announces 2022 Motorsports Sponsorship Program

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced the company’s 2022 Motorsports Sponsorship program. Team Hot Shots provides a unique opportunity to align with a performance lubricant brand that is getting the attention of the top motorsports teams from around the country.  Kyle Fischer, Lubrication Specialties Inc. Director of Branding & Promotions, says, “Our motorsports sponsorship program is

Hot Shot’s Secret 10w-30 Blue Diamond PAO Diesel Engine Oil

With improved oxidation, shearing, and thermal stability, Blue Diamond 10w-30 is a more fortified oil than competitive brands that resists breakdown allowing for longer drain intervals.

Blue Diamond
Lubrication Specialties Inc. Hires Retail Marketing Specialist

Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret, has announced the addition of Hollie Maxymillian, a veteran automotive retail marketing specialist to serve as the company’s new Hot Shot’s Secret product manager.  The all new marketing position was filled in April to ensure Hot Shot’s Secret’s branding presence for the company’s 35+ family of products

The Executioner – 6.7L Cummins-based Engine

Drew Pumphrey, owner of D&J Precision Machine, is the engine builder behind Firepunk’s 6.7L Cummins-based engine known as the Executioner. It’s a one-of-a-kind build.

Hot Shot’s Secret ATF+4, DEXRON III and MERCON V Automatic Transmission Fluids

Both formulas, Severe Duty Blue Diamond +4/D3/M5 and Adrenaline Pro Shift +4, are developed from combined 100% poly-a-olefin (PAO) Group IV and high-quality Group V synthetic oils.

Firepunk Diesel Makes History with First-Ever Diesel 3-Second Pass

The Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 truck added a new chapter to the drag racing history books by achieving what was once thought to be impossible – a diesel-powered vehicle running an 1/8th mile pass in under 4 seconds. Based out of Ohio, Firepunk Diesel’s S10 went down to Georgia to compete on

Hot Shot’s Secret Announces Full Donation Match for 2021 Waypoint Vets Adventures GoFundMe Fundraiser

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced plans to fully match donations made to GoFundMe to support five new Waypoint Vets Adventures in 2021. Hot Shot’s Secret founder, Chris Gabrelcik, became so impressed with Waypoint Vets’ mission of uniting and empowering veterans through their pro bono adventure trips, he chose to financially sponsor the organization’s first inaugural