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MAHLE Motorsport Ford EcoBoost 1.6L Shelf Stock PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

Available wherever MAHLE Motorsport pistons are sold, this complete high performance piston kit makes it easy for the engine builder that needs everything in one convenient kit including a 1.2, 1.2, 2.0mm motorsport ring set and 21mm steel pins and clips.

MAHLE Ford EccoBoost. PowerPak
MAHLE Motorsport Introduces 2022 Porsche Application Guide

MAHLE’s Porsche application guide offers a complete listing of all Porsche specific piston applications.

MAHLE Porsche Application Guide
MAHLE Motorsport NMRA/NMCA Travel Voucher Program

MAHLE Motorsport in support of NMRA and NMCA racing announces a new Inflation Fighting Travel Voucher program to help offset the rising cost of fuel for five lucky racers. Five vouchers valued at $500 each will be given away over the course of the next three events. To qualify, racers must purchase tickets in advance

MAHLE Motorsport Top Alcohol Hemi PowerPak Piston Kit

This kit features a 4.468 bore size, a 0.290″ dome height, and 0.330″ intake depth and 0.315″ exhaust pocket depths.

MAHLE Motorsport Ford 5.2L VooDoo Forged PowerPak Pistons

This forged replacement piston is available as a drop-in, ready-to-run assembly that requires no rebalancing or compression ratio change.

MAHLE Motorsport Ford Coyote/Voodoo PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

The all forged replacement piston kit utilizes a low silicon 2618 alloy for high load, high stress applications and has a combined dome pocket geometry.

MAHLE Motorsport 2021 Racing Components Application Guide

Fifteen new kits are being introduced this year and are currently available for purchase.

Engine Bearing Supplier Q&A

It’s hard to believe that such small shell-shaped parts can be in charge of so much in the life of an engine, but that’s just the way it is.

MAHLE Motorsport LSX Combo PowerPak Piston Kit

Mahle piston’s valve pocket design universally fits LS1/2/5, LS7, LS3/92 style heads.

MAHLE Motorsport Celebrates 100 Years with PowerPak Piston Rebate

In celebration of MAHLE’s 100 years of automotive innovation, MAHLE Motorsport has announced a $100 discount on all PowerPak piston kits. The discount is available starting October 15 via a mail-in rebate. Now high performance enthusiasts and sportsman class racers alike can take their engine builds to the next level with a $100 discounted rate

MAHLE Motorsport Porsche 911 2.7L – 2.9L Piston Kits

MAHLE Motorsport, with its longstanding OE and race relationship with Porsche, has developed piston kits with a modern design and components that add up to increased power and durability.

MAHLE Motorsport PowerPak Piston Kits for BMW Engines

This shelf stock PowerPak Piston kit is specifically engineered for high horsepower applications- vehicles with nitrous or power adders that greatly increase boost pressures.