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B&B Performance Adjustable Billet Timing Pointers

Available for SBC, BBC and SBF, pointers come with stainless steel pointer, fasteners and a black anodized finish.

timing pointers
PBM Timing Sets & Components

PBM offers a vast inventory of performance timing sets and related components, including billet and adjustable timing sets, for virtually all popular engines.

Jesel Cam Belt Drive Systems

Built with quality materials, Jesel’s camshaft belt drives feature several performance and valvetrain stability enhancements over traditional timing chains and gear drives.

Reviewing Cloyes’ Race Billet True Roller Timing Set

As part of our small block Ford Dream Engine Build, we utilized a Cloyes Race Billet True Roller timing set, so we took a few minutes to give the product a review. https://www.cloyes.com/high-performance/race-billet-true-roller-timing-sets/

Progear LS Engine Timing Sets

Progear sets have many great features at competitive pricing, while maintaining their known high quality.

Moroso Timing Pointer BBC .400 to .600 Rasied Cam 7.25″ Balancer

Moroso has introduced Part No. 60146, a Timing Pointer for BBC .400 To .600 raised cam engine blocks that are using a 7.25″ Diameter balancer. The timing pointer is designed to hug the damper so it is easier to line up the damper and the pointer. Up to 4 degrees of adjustment are possible. Constructed

Timing Pointer
All About Timing Chains

If you’re building late-model dual overhead cam (DOHC) engines, you’ve probably noticed that a chain rather than a belt drives the camshaft. But why is this the case when chains are more expensive to produce?

Cloyes Grows its Aftermarket Catalog

The growth in VIO coverage is due to the addition of 76 timing drive system kit and component part numbers to its catalog.

Cloyes Installs Engine Test System for Enhanced Engineering Capabilities

With a commitment to continue providing the highest quality timing system products to its customers, Cloyes has purchased, installed and is operating an RMC-ETS100 dynamic engine test system. The system has been customized for the purpose of higher revolutions-per-minute (RPM) dynamic and durability tests as well as the use of pulse width modulation to test

50 Years of Performance Timing Sets

Timing sets aren’t the most glamorous or trick item in a racing or street engine, but it is a very necessary piece. If your timing isn’t right, the list of engine damage can get lengthy.

Timing Chains, Gear Sets and Belt Drives

The short answer to which type of cam drive is best depends on the application, what your customer wants and how much they can afford to spend. A stock link style timing chain is fine for everyday driving and normal use. “Silent tooth” link chains are quiet, long-lived and adequate for stock cams and valve

The Complexities of Modern Timing

Let’s face it: timing used to be relatively easy. These days, however, as with most every other engine component, the technology and innovation that leads to more fuel efficiency and performance also means increased complexity with timing components.