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Good news! You won’t be faced with any new engine technology in acouple of years. While engine makers are planning on using variousmeans to qualify their products for the enhanced emissions regulationsthat will take effect in 2010, all will use technologies long proven onthe road. Most manufacturers, especially those with European ties, haveindicated that they be using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) toreduce nitrogen oxides emissions (NOx) from tail pipe emissions. Thisis a technology that has been used in Europe for a number of years buthas not yet been used to any extent in the automotive market here inNorth America.

It’s certainly not a new technology. SCR was first patented here inthe United States in 1957 and has undergone development ever since. Itis widely used to control NOx emissions from large stationary dieselengines as well as coal-fired power generating plants. It is, in short,a well known and proven technology.

What is SCR?

scr system functional design. (courtesy of the diesel technology forum)volvo has considered all technology for its 2010 engines and has chosen scr.”ddc

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