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Engine Builder Letter: Automotive Rebuilder Will Be Changed To Engine Builder



When you look at the cover of your magazine next month, you will notice a new name there. AUTOMOTIVE REBUILDER will be changed to ENGINE BUILDER.

Founded in l964, AUTOMOTIVE REBUILDER originally served the entire rebuilding industry including engines, parts and transmissions. And, it was primarily an automotive focused publication.

Much has changed during the past 37 years, and, consequently, so have we. The parts and transmission rebuilding industries have become separate entities requiring different editorial needs. About three years ago we made the decision to sharpen our focus on the engine building/rebuilding market.


Your engine building activity today may not be limited to passenger cars and light trucks. The scope of your work now may include heavy duty, marine, agricultural, high performance, small engine, locomotive or any other niche market in the engine arena. We have recognized this evolution and have responded with appropriate editorial topics reaching far beyond just your typical automotive engines.

Now it is time to match the title of the magazine with its content, as well as with the growing diversity in today



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