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I have found differing torque values published for the 1.8L Toyota engine. What are the correct torque values?

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The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding main bearing bolt torque specifications for 1998-2003 Toyota 1.8L 1ZZFE and 2ZZEGE engines. There has been some confusion as to the correct torque value for these engines. Some published information has stated “plus 90° and plus 90°” when the correct information should be “plus 45° and plus 45°.”

The bolts used to secure the main bearing caps may be
re-used if thread damage or bolt stretch does not exist. Refer to the following illustrations and steps to install the main bearing bolts.

Install 12-pointed head bearing cap sub-assembly bolts.

  1. Apply a light coat of engine oil on the threads and under the bearing cap sub-assembly bolts.

  2. Install and uniformly tighten the ten bearing cap sub-assembly bolts, in several passes, in the sequence shown in Figure 1, right. Torque to 16 ft.lbs. (22 Nm).


  • Retighten the bearing cap sub-assembly bolts, in several passes, in the sequence shown. Torque the bolt to 32 ft.lbs. (44 Nm). If any of the bearing cap sub-assembly bolts do not meet the torque specification, replace the bearing cap sub-assembly bolt.

  • Mark the front of the bearing cap and sub-assembly bolts with white paint.

  • Retighten the bearing cap sub-assembly bolts by rotating the bolts in sequence 45°and 45° in the manner shown in Figure 2.

  • Check that the painted mark is now at a 90° angle to the front.

    Install hexagon head bearing cap sub-assembly bolts.

    1. Install and uniformly tighten the 10 bearing cap sub-assembly bolts in several passes and torque 14 ft.lbs. (18.5 Nm).

    2. Check that the crankshaft rotates smoothly with little effort.

    3. 2ZZGE engine: Apply adhesive to 2 or 3 threads, and install the 4 screw plugs. Adhesive: p/n 08833-00070, THREE BOND 1324, or equivalent and torque plugs to 32 ft.lbs. (43 Nm).


    What is the proper way to install a rear main bearing seal with a metal sleeve on a 4.0L Ford engine?

    The AERA Technical Committee recommends that you use the correct rear main seal installation tool (Ford p/n T95T-6701-A) to install the rear main seal with metal sleeve on 1990-2002 Ford 4.0L VIN X engines.

    1. Attach the rear crankshaft adapter to the rear of the crankshaft, using the supplied mounting screws.

    2. Apply a few drops of clean engine oil to the inboard side of the seal/sleeve at the area where the seal contacts the sleeve.


  • Apply a very light film of clean engine oil on the inner diameter of the sleeve and the outer diameter of the seal.

  • Slide the seal/sleeve over the rear crankshaft seal adapter, with flange to the rear of the engine.

  • Use the rear crankshaft seal replacer and supplied bolt, to push the rear seal into the cylinder block. Remove rear crankshaft seal adapter. Note: It is normal for the seal to sit approximately .030? (0.76 mm) deeper than the sleeve flange. Do not adjust.

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