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2008 Machine Shop Market Profile – Part II


Back in 2001, as you’re likely to remember, Automotive Rebuilder took the radical step of changing our identity to Engine Builder, the magazine you’re reading now. The decision to do so was not made lightly, but was the result of careful realization that we couldn’t be all things to everyone in the entire rebuilding industry.

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But while our focus was narrowed to engines, it has also expanded to fit more than just traditional passenger car and light truck builds. As, of course, has yours. The bulk of Engine Builder’s circulation has, by necessity, diversified into a variety of other markets, and that diversification has been seen by the incredible number of markets our readers are involved with.

As we discussed in Part 1 of the Machine Shop Market Profile (Engine Builder, June 2007, page 32) engine builders continue to make the changes they need to in order to be competitive. Some of those changes have been very difficult, for builders, suppliers and customers alike. Yet we continue to have the belief that many of the shops in business today have made or understand that they will soon need to make changes to remain viable in this tough market. There’s just no way to remain competitive in tomorrow’s industry using yesterday’s business model.

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