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Final Wrap: Times May Be Tough But So Are You


If you’re one of those types who always starts reading in the back because you know that’s where the best stuff is found, I congratulate you on your insight. And, normally, I’d agree with you – but in this case I have to say, “don’t forget to read the front of the magazine – it will be good for your  business.”

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In case you’ve been too busy to notice, times are tough right now. Consumers and business owners alike are struggling to make ends meet each month, and extra spending is, in many cases, being cut out. Credit is tight, impossible to get, non-existent (however you wish to describe it), and people are worried about when the next shoe will drop.

It’s no secret that things look bleak right now – but remember: people have been counting this industry out for many years. There’s a recession going on? Really? We hadn’t noticed.


Sarcasm aside, sure: no one is really sure what’s going to happen next. Times are tough. But so are you. And the fact that people are facing the prospect of not being able to buy that new car is likely to be a benefit to your business.

Sometimes it takes a crises to make us realize that the freewheeling lifestyle we’ve been enjoying hasn’t really been good for any of us. And now that it’s time to rethink our situation, Americans may realize that preventive maintenance and automotive service are just two of the things we’ve neglected for too long.


If you’ve been an Engine Builder reader for any length of time, you’ve already made substantial changes to your business to weather the storm that hit long ago. You’ve adapted to the changes in this industry that knocked out lesser opponents. You also know that, no matter how big your shop, you’re not alone.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to 2009 with the Engine Builders Buyers Guide. The companies in this directory are all in the ring with you, slugging it out. They have good stuff for your business. Use them. Depend on them. And depend on the Engine Builder staff to be in your corner, no matter how ugly this fight gets.


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