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New Products for Modern V8 Engines

The numbers aren’t there yet, but engine builders and suppliers are taking notice of the new V8s. What has taken so long? For one, the new engines are more expensive and more complex. Some shops do not have the capability or expertise to work on them just yet, but more and more shops do.

One of the drawbacks of the LS, said one supplier, is that they are very good right out of the box. The engines are lighter and produce a lot of power without having to make any modifications, and there’s really no comparison to the SBC, which would require a lot more work for the same power.

The Ford Modular engine series has been around for some time and has not until recently begun to live up to its potential. Many manufacturers and enthusiasts are clamoring over the new 5.0L Coyote engine that is featured in the 2011 Ford Mustang GT.

Ford’s new four-cam, 32-valve, all-aluminum 5.0L V8 has been a huge hit, and aftermarket companies are starting to offer more parts for this engine. The automotive press has been raving about the engine, saying that it’s a “major step for Ford” and that it is the “best engine ever produced” by the blue oval. Car and Driver said it makes the Camaro SS “sound like a pickup truck,” in a recent review of the power plant.

The Gen III Hemi also has a load of potential, some of which was seen in a recent Engine Masters Challenge where the Hemis showed very strong numbers with relatively mild builds. While there are arguably fewer aftermarket parts available for the 5.7L and 6.1L than the other new V8s, the engines have gained traction among Mopar loyalists and the muscle car market.

With enthusiast demand for these engines driving development, more and more aftermarket companies will be getting into the act and building parts for one or in some cases all three brands. And like the SBC when it came to prominence, the LS has proven to be a popular choice for applications from sand buggies to drift car engine swaps, and will be finding its way into your shop soon.

We surveyed suppliers and the following are some of the latest parts available for the modern V8 mills:


Brodix has a durable replacement for the LS-style cylinder heads with brodixthe introduction of the “BR” small block series. The BR 7 is an out-of-the-box version that comes standard with 71cc combustion chambers, bowls blended, and intake ports matched. The STS BR 7 is a 100 percent CNC ported version that flows over 375 cfm. The BR 7 and the STS BR 7 both utilize a 12° valve angle and 2.204 /1.614 valve combination.

The STS BR 7 273 flows over 415 cfm with a 71cc combustion chamber and 2.250/1.614 valves. The BR 7 series heads accept all standard LS components and share all of the typical Brodix features including easily repairable A-356 virgin aluminum alloy and strongest deck surface.

For more information about Brodix, visit


In February, 2010, Lunati unveiled six new Pro Series stroker crankshafts for the LS7 with stroke lengths of 4.325? to 4.625?. This year they have topped off the range by adding four more. The stroke lengths of these new crankshafts are: 4.000?; 4.125?; 4.185?; and 4.250?.

Lunati also has introduced ten stroker cranks for LS1 engines. Both series of cranks (LS1 and LS7) encompass stroke lunalengths of 4.000? to 4.625? and feature conventional 2.559? main bearing journals and 2.100? rod bearing journals. OEM rod lengths of 6.125? are recommended on strokes from 4.000? to 4.185?, but on the remaining longer strokes, from 4.250? to 4.625?, Lunati recommends 6.300? connecting rods for a better stroke-to-rod ratio.

In addition, Lunati offers custom grinds to any dimension within this stroke range.

Custom grinds can be obtained with either standard crank pins (2.100?) or with larger big-block-style pins (2.200?), which adds durability to engines with power adders.

Using American-made premium 4340 steel forgings these cranks are capable of handling 1,500-plus horsepower. They are endowed with micro-polished and lightened connecting rod journals to reduce rotating mass, micro-polished and gun-drilled main journals to reduce overall mass, special counterweight profiles to direct oil to the bearings and reduce windage, and Lunati’s exclusive finite detailing, profiling, and pulse-plasma nitriding processes.The latter provides consistent journal surface finish without affecting core hardness.

For more information about Lunati, visit


Fel-Pro’s new performance full gasket sets help engine builders ensure a proper seal for Chevy LS1 engines. Each set fedincludes the Fel-Pro PermaTorque MLS multi-layer-steel head gaskets featuring the LaserWeld combustion seal technology.

Also included in each set are Fel-Pro molded-rubber valve cover and one-piece oil pan gaskets, high-strength steel-core intake manifold gaskets, and high-temperature crankshaft seals. Every gasket and seal features the brand’s latest materials and designs engineered to withstand extreme combustion pressures, rpms and temperatures.

Fel-Pro performance full sets for LS-1 engines include a 3.945-inch head gasket bore, and 4.100-inch head gasket bore.

For more information about Fel-Pro gaskets, visit

Elgin Industries

Elgin Industries has introduced a new line of thick-wall one-piece rods that enable performance engine builders to achieve significantly higher dynamic loads and rpm.

elgiThe new Pro-Stock push rods are manufactured from aircraft-quality 4130 seamless steel tube with wall thicknesses of 0.137? (3/8? diameter rods) and 0.106? (5/16? diameter rods), providing a stiff tubular-constructed push rod. By comparison, conventional one-piece performance push rods feature 0.080? wall thickness.

In addition to increased wall thicknesses, these new parts offer an array of advanced construction, machining and other enhancements to maximize wear resistance, strength and performance: radius ends are hard-turned following heat treatment for superior surface-shape profile tolerance and finish; 220-degree radius ends for increased rocker travel; fully hardened within Elgin’s world-class heat-treat facilities for extreme wear resistance and strength; centerless ground for geometric precision; corrosion-resistant black oxide coating formulated for performance applications.

For more information about Elgin Pro-Stock performance parts, visit

Diamond Pistons

Diamond has two new pistons – flat tops and dished – for Chevy L92 / LS3 engines (Camaro). Suitable for virtually everydiam segment of the aftermarket, including restoration, street-strip, pro-touring, and off-road, these new 2618 conventional forgings are supplied with alloy steel 8620 piston pins and spiral locks as well as a standard ring package, comprising 1.5mm (top); 1.5mm (second) and 3.0mm (oil control).

Configured for bore dimensions of 4.005? to 4.130? and stroke lengths of 3.622? and 4.000?, these new pistons have compression heights of either 1.304? or 1.115?. Because their top rings are positioned 0.260? down from the piston crown, these pistons will work well with small nitrous kits or super/turbochargers.

On the piston crowns both the flat tops and the dished versions are furnished with valve relief pockets of 0.175? (intake) and 0.105? (exhaust). Double pin oilers with interlinking grooves ensure adequate lubrication between the piston pins and their pin bores.

Lastly, Diamond makes these new pistons in either an uncoated condition or with the Diamond Double Coat – fully anodized with a molybdenum skirt coating.

For details about Diamond Pistons, visit

Trend Performance

trendProduced from 4130 chrome-molybdenum thick-wall tubes and developed as a one-piece, pre-formed, centerless ground pushrod, Trend Performance has unveiled a premium 7/16? .165? -wall, double-tapered pushrod at an affordable price.

Available from 7.000? to 11.550? long, and in increments of .025?, these new pushrods are now affordable because they are made in production quantities and available as shelf-stock items.


For more information about Trend Performance, visit

Canton Racing

Canton’s new steel oil pan is designed for LS1/LS6 powered 98+ F-Body cars and others that require a rear sump pan usedcan on the drag strip and heavy street use. It’s extra oil capacity, shallow sump along with double trap door baffles and removable windage/anti-slosh baffle make for great oil control under the toughest drag racing conditions.

For more information about Canton Racing Products, visit





eagEagle offers several new-generation rotating assemblies. Current assemblies include the Ford modular 4.6/5.0L – 2-valve, 3-valve and 4-valve engines in stock stroke and stroker setups for naturally aspirated and forced induction engines. These kits feature Eagle’s forged 4340 steel crank, which is micropolished and nitrided.

The kit includes center counterweights and an 8-bolt flywheel flange. The company says its forged 4340 4.6L crank is the only forged 4340 steel crank available for the Ford 4.6L engine. The kit also includes Eagle’s forged 4340 steel H-beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts. The pistons included are forged 2819 alloy pistons manufactured by Arias.

A variety of compression ratios, bore sizes, and multi-valve head configurations are available. Rings and bearings are also included. Balancing is available.

For more information about Eagle, visit



Crower offers a cam and timing kit for the Hemi that is advertised at 267 degrees duration intake and 275 exhaust. crowDuration at .050? is 218 degrees intake and 225 exhaust. With a 1.6 rocker, valve lift on the intake is .539? and .560? on the exhaust. With fuel injection the key is vacumm, so a wide lobe serperation and duration at .050,? numbers less then 230 should keep everything in line. The spring kit comes with a conical spring so you can use a smaller retainer.

For more information about Crower, visit




morMoroso has introduced a new electric water pump for the LS Series that mounts directly to the stock water pump location. The new pump eliminates the bulky LS water pump with a more compact, cost-effective pump. The drive belt is also eliminated to save horsepower, while providing maximum circulation for cooling efficiency during all driving conditions, especially while idling.

It can be used with Moroso p/n 63836 Alternator/Vacuum Pump Mount, and is compatible with 12 and 16 volt systems. The electric unit only draws 7 amps, so it can be used on drag racing car without an alternator. Requires the use of a Remote Thermostat Housing such as Part No. 63425 or 63426.

For more information about Moroso, visit

Mast Motorsports

Mast Motorsports recently introduced the Mozez CNC LS racing cylinder heads.
The CNC ports are designed by legendarymast LS induction expert and Mast Motorsports director of cylinder heads and induction, Cary Chouinard. At .900? lift, they flow 458 cfm on the intake and 281 cfm on the exhaust and easily support 1,000 naturally aspirated horsepower. The canted valve cylinder heads are designed for any Gen III or Gen IV LS engine with 4.125? or larger bore sizes.  The 6-bolt design is compatible with all GM LS, GMPP LSX, and RHS LSX Blocks.

The Mozez CNC LS cylinder heads feature an exclusive raised racing runnerintake port design. The heads are designed with a 10 degree intake valve angle w/ 4 degree cant, a 7 degree exhaust valve angle w/ 2.5 degree cant, a 2.250? intake valve, a 1.600? exhaust valve, and 355cc intake port. Each cylinder head includes milled rocker mounts for T&D and Jesel. Options include a Mast CNC 2-piece intake manifold, Mast 2-piece ported tunnel ram, Mast billet racing valve covers and copper valve seats.

For more information about Mast Motorsports, visit

MAHLE Motorsports

mahlMAHLE Motorsports’ latest release, the PowerPak piston assemblies for the 5.7L and 6.1L HEMI engines, are available for boosted and normally aspirated applications. As with all PowerPak assemblies, the pistons are dual coated first with a phosphate dry film lubricant to eliminate micro-welding in the ring grooves and galling in the pin bores.

The skirts are then coated with MAHLE’s proprietary Grafal skirt coating that reduces frictional drag along with wear and noise due to its unique cushioning property.

The assemblies are made complete with high quality German steel pins, round wire locks and a low drag file fit performance ring set.


For information about MAHLE Motorsport pistons, visit


Manley Performance

Manley Performance Chevy LS, Ford Modular, and Chrysler SB HEMI manstainless steel valves feature gorgeous yet durable chrome stems, swirl polished under heads, fully hardened tips, completely machined combustion faces, closely controlled margin heights, and exact stem to seat concentricity.

Manley intake valves typically are built with its original “Pro-Flo” design which reduces the stem diameter in the fillet area for increased airflow but also less valve weight. This concept is executed on its Chevy LS and Chrysler HEMI parts.

Manley’s “Extremealloy” material offers more hot hardness and high temperature strength and is ideal for extremely high boosted applications.

For information visit


Schumann Sales & Service

schSchumann Sales & Service offers crankshaft driven V8 oil pumps for GM LS Series engines, Ford Modular V8s and Chrysler Hemi engines. All of Schumann’s pumps are built with patent pending techniques and exceed OEM versions in gallons per minute flow and longevity, durability capabilities, according to the company.

For further details, contact Vern Schumann at Schumann’s Sales & Service Inc., Blue Grass Iowa at 563-381-2416.

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